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Scott Greczkowski

Welcome HOME!
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Sep 7, 2003
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Welcome back to SatelliteGuys!

Sorry our upgrade to the server took 3 hours more then we expected. We had problems with the move do to the fact there were too many files in one of our directories (log files)

Everytime the server would try to restore things the new server it would look like it was working, but it would just stay there.

After a long time an a $50 phone call for support I got the answer I needed to get everything back online. :)

One other thing that got screwed up was our DNS. While it apears www.satelliteguys,us is working fine the DNS enteries for SatelliteGuys Radio, SatelliteGuys Contest Server and the SatelliteGuys Ad server were deleted. I have gone in and updated the DNS, but it will be a few hours before all those service are back.

So until DNS is fully fixed you might not be able to:

* Access SatellitGuys Radio
* Enter in our SatelliteGuys.US Summer of Love contest
* View the DishStore.NET banner ads on the top of the page

Things should be back to normal in a few hours.

I started this project last night at exactly midnight, I then went to bed at 2:30 am while everything was copying, got up at 5:30 am and have been working on things ever sense.

There is some work I still need to do, but I will try to get to that later today or tommorow.

Please let me know how the speed of this new server is!

Thanks for your patience and understanding!
Same here! Had nothing to do for my last hour of the night at work this morning.

Glad to see the site back up. Hopefully everything will finish up soon. :)
Speed looks better to me, but I might be the wrong person to ask. I use my second cpu for web browsing since it is in front of the tv (other is in the other room) and it is real old running on a wireless connection. I do notice the page is ready to scroll sooner now than last night.
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