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May 10, 2004
I'm new to this forum and would like to say hi to all.

I've not yet ordered Voom (still with *TV). If a pvr is due to come out in '04, would it be smarter to order Voom with the 0 down plan rather than to purchase a 2 receiver setup? I'm assuming the receivers would become obsolete when the 4 tuner pvr is offered? What do you think?

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I've got an install scheduled for today and te installer is already running late. I have *d tv now also with tivo. Just lowered the package down as i'm under contract. Go ahead man take the plunge ! with the lease option you can't go wrong. That is what I'm doing.
I am wanting the PVR once its available too, but I agree with everyone response. Go ahead and order Voom now and upgrade to the PVR later.
The rumor mill has it that the PVR will not cost any extra, so I'd get in on the lease deal before it expires. The only downside is if you want more than 2 receivers, it jacks up the bill very quickly. I'm paying $39/month for programming and $24 for equipment.
I pre ordered the D* tivo hd in 2/04 but I read about Voom with all the HD channels and more to come . So I cancelled the preorder tivo and got Voom. I am waiting also for the HD DVR to come out and glad I got Voom on 2/28/04. Enjoy Voom now and get the DVR later....Without a Contract....You can't beat the HD anywhere. HD=Voom

PS. I saved $1000 by getting Voom by cancelling the tivohd. :D

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