What type of connection? S-Vid of Comp.

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May 3, 2004
What type of connection? S-Vid or Comp.

I am looking to get a new receiver with component connections but not sure if there is much difference between what I get with S-vid hook up. Anyone know if the component connection with the RCA 486 gives any better PQ than the RCA 435 with S-vid?
If you have HD or progressive sources you will need them, if cost is not a deal breaker get them to possibly future-proof yourself. (just in case later on you do want component switching you will have it).
With all said above to answer your question for certain sources the answer is yes.
All equipment is SD. TV is 32in. JVC. I was looking for anyone that may have made a swap and had seen a difference or not.
If you are not planning on adding a Progressive scan DVD or HD any time soon, you don't have a need for component cables, so the issue is N/A.
If this is the case and I repeat if you don't think you will make the change (adding one of the above) don't waste your money.
With a source and a display that utilizes component cables the answer is definantly yes.
It will be a couple of years before a HD set hits my house so I may just get the standard RCA receiver. My TV has component connections and I can get the RCA with comp. connections but I may wait until I get the HD set.
That sounds like a logical choice and remember since you have component inputs on your Display if you choose to try the component connection from a progressive scan DVD player you can plug it (video) directly into your display.
Good luck and enjoy it.
Component Video will only increase your color saturation, and it is prettier than S-Video. I speak from experience with SAT, DVD & XBOX.

I also would recommend to really future-proof you get DVI. DVI is here to stay, I missed the boat there and I am kicking myself for it since I have no plans to buy a new TV. Again if money is no object who caes, but it is for the majority of us. It just depends on how often your cycle your equipment out, mine only seems to last about 3 years before I sell it to the neighbors.:yes
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