Whats for breakfast?

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  1. Jumbo Cheesburger ... Sweet tea.
  3. Having Easter breakfast at Hotel Molokai with my wife Alyce and three sons. Scrambled eggs, bacon, corned beef hash, Scottish bangers, hash browns, waffles, Kona coffee...

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  4. Steak, corn, fried potatoes(salad) ... Sweet Tea.
  5. Scrambled eggs, Toast, Orange Juice, Coffee
  6. Couple of Malasadas and Kona coffee...

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  7. Easter eggs and orange juice.

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  8. Ham, cheese, bell pepper, mushroom omelet ... Apple Juice
  9. Apple Pancakes, Coffee
  10. Scrambled eggs Sandwich, Orange Juice, Coffee
  11. Beans cooked with Hatch green chiles, ham & Earl Campbell hot, hot links... Apple Juice.
  12. Waffle, Coffee
  13. Scrambled eggs w/ diced mushrooms & bell pepper, hot sausage... Apple juice.
  14. Bacon, egg & cheese sandwich ... Apple Juice.
  15. Scrambled eggs, toast, Coffee
  16. Scrambled eggs w onion, tomato, green chile, refried beans, Orange Juice, Coffee, Croissant
  17. Scrambled egg sandwich, orange juice, coffee
  18. Bacon & egg sandwich,,, Apple Juice.
  19. Waffle, Coffee
  20. Scrambled egg sandwich, Orange Juice, Coffee
  21. Mushroom, Bell Pepper, Cheese omelet ... Bacon, Apple Juice.