Whats for breakfast?

Omelette filled with seasoned ground beef, green pepper & onion smothered with green chile sauce. Home fries on the side and sourdough toast.
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Breakfast Quesadillas - Grilled flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, hash browns, chopped green chili. chorizo, Cheddar, and jack cheese. Coffee.
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Crummy hotel buffet food all week. The coffee was OK as were the English muffins and made to order waffles. Everything else was bad to mediocre.

I'm glad hat I'm headed home today.
After a solid week away from NM I was craving some green chile. So before work I stopped @ *Java Joe's for a breakfast burrito. It didn't disappoint.

*Java Joe's was featured in numerous scenes filmed during, Breaking Bad.

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What's For Lunch?