What's up with Starz Plus Pak??


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Mar 27, 2004
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Ok, I've been a subscriber since April and have been loving it. HOWEVER, I recently spoke with customer service and switched my plus pak from Showtime Unlimited to Starz. The first day was fine. A day later though I punch in channel 261 (StarzHD) and get BravoHD...??? But the pg for 261 is showing something altogether different. Also, channel 262 (another StarzHD channel) is "call Voom to subscribe to this channel". Essentially, channel 271 (EncoreHD) is the only one that's broadcasting normally for me. In other words my Starz Plus Pak is "way messed up". To make matters worse I can't get through on the 800 number (repeated attempts for days) and my email on Voom.com is just lost in the rest of them, I guess. What is going on???
well ive seen that problem before and it was caused by a diplexer. cant be sure but that could be it. It only affects the starz channels? check espnhd too.
t77054 said:
Thanks for the response Vurb, but I don't have a diplexer. Do I need one to correct this problem?
well if your not using diplexers then thats not the prob. But those are the exact channels a bad diplexer messed up for me.
t77054 said:
Maybe I'll switch to another plus pak. It is frustrating to say the least.
call voom, select the option on the phone to sign up, that will get you a CSR, then get them to send someone out.

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