Where are the DirecTV people ??? ;)

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Todd Wiedemann

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Sep 8, 2003
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This board is really growing fast !

It's great to see all the activity on the DISH side, but I was wondering, being a SatelliteGuy on the "other" side of the fence, where are all the D* people ?

I'll start ... I have 2 - GCEB0's (Hughes Executive Director Pack) and a Panasonic TU-HDS20 (for HD and the 4-year-old, off HD time)

Scott, any new channels on the horizon ? CEDIA bring out some new hardware ?

How bout it 'Guys ??
I have an hdvr2 and an Rca with Dolby Digital. Maybe swapping out the rca for anotehr hdvr2
You can see my equipment in my signature below. I hope this board can find more of an equal ground between the two providers. It seems that DBSforums is slanted toward D* and DBStalk.com is slanted toward E*. I have been a subscriber of E* in the past. I think both providers have strengths and weaknesses.
I hope this board can find more of an equal ground between the two providers.
Agreed. That's why I started the thread. My hope is not just for an equuipment list from people, rather a starting point for discussion or new thread generator ...
Unfortunately, with the delay of the next Ariane space flight till October, that delays the Directv7s launch. Which I believe is the next launch for Ariane space.
Ask me again Saturday afternoon. :)

After 5 years with D*, I changed to E* in Sept 2001. Now I'm headed back and into the ranks of Tivo owners.
Please reply by conversation.

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