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Jul 19, 2004
Now that the new NFL deal is out, I'm about to get Direct, but not sure where to find the best deal. Should I buy local (CC, BB), or can I do better on-line? Some of the on-line places, including Directv, don't tell you what receiver you're going to get (unless I missed something). I need the HD dish/receiver, but I want to make sure I get the Hughes receiver. I don't care about free DVD player, but I'm sure I could sell it, so if that's the best there is. I think I might as well get an off-air antenna as well, will Direct install those also? Or should I just get an indoor one, and do the indoor plug into the Hughes?

Turned out to be more questions than I thought. thanks for any help.

Make sure whoever you go with that all you pay is the S/H charge. ( $19 to $29 )
depends on how many receivers you want
I would go with a local company for service conveinience.
Remember one thing.....service, service, oh and service. If you're ordering for the "best deal" you may get free DVD player or something in six months... that is if they remember to send you the form that you MUST have to receive your "free" gift.
The bottom line: The programming pricing is the same no matter who you go with, since DTV is the platform provider and they're who you pay your bill to. So, go with whoever has the best customer service...and that would most likely be the Dealer nearest you. My opinion through experience*
I agree with sunsetsat.
Even if you pay $100 more for a local dealer and/or installer's package, you will have made a personal connection.
And in the case of trouble that will pay off in spades.

thanks for the suggestions, would you consider circuit city/best-buy as good service? or where can I find a smaller local dealer? I live around Boston.

Most of the online retailers use local independent installers, all SBCA certified, and if anything goes wrong the retailer will will be right on top of it, they do not want any bad publicity, I think this is the best way to buy satellite its getting to be the only way a quality installer can get decent compensation for the work involved in a satellite install, just mention when you are ordering you want a SBCA certified installer, and that the work better be done to local and NEC code, the retailers know who does good work for them in your area and they stick to them! Just my opinion! Good luck!
Great company! They go above and beyond to get your job done right and they use the best SBCA certified installers! Plus they are members here : )
Even the local store will contract out to independant installers at times.

I think Expert Sat is the best becuase the verify, test, and call for feedback on all the installers that they use.

Other stores, just pick who ever is next in the que to get it done the fasters so they can get there check from Direct TV.

Here is there link:

They also have a Free DVD player and Free Shipping after rebate. In most states there is also NO sales tax.

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