which resolution to use?

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Apr 18, 2004
I just had my HR20-700 installed this week. So far so good. noticed a few FFWD and RWND problems on the local HD channels. Had to reset the reciever once.

I have it hooked up to my 42" Sammy plasma via component cables for now until I can get to the store to get an HDMI cable.

The TV's resolution is 1024x768 so I would think it works best at 720P but I know it can down convert the 1080i stuff too.

So I am looking for opinions on if I should hard set the HR20 to 720P/stretch and let the reciever downconvert the 1080i stuff to 720P or if the TV would do a better job? Or hard set it to 1080i and let the TV downres it? I don't any difference in the SD programming when set to either. Is there a way to tell what a broadcaster is sending out? I don't like the native mode at all. Takes to long to change the channel when changing resolution.

And I have read the HD-LITE arguments and I am not intersted in that discussion here, I am aware of it.
I DO use the native mode, and it tells you what resolution is being sent out, in that mode.

I understand your dis pleasure with the slowness of changing channels, that is due to the rec. having to figure out what res. is being used at the time.
I may decide to play around with mine some day too.

It is easier in the process for you to have the 1080i signal down converted to 720p than the other way around.
If you have it so the 720 get pushed to 1080 it has to do a lot more guessing as to what the picture should look like in 1080 mode.

that was my thought as well, just wanted to confirm

The real answer to this is: try them both and see which you prefer. You may not be able to see any difference between setting it at 720p and setting it at 1080i. It's not worth using native mode on the HR20 unless your TV has much better conversion than the HR20 - people find they cannot see any difference between native on and off, and having native on gives you slower channel changing so my recommendation would be to have native "off", and go with a fixed output resolution.

Also just a warning. There are many problems with HDMI, particularly involving the HR20 and Samsung TVs, so you may have issues when you start using HDMI. If so just go back to component - again you probably will not be able to tell the difference.
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