While waiting for my 90cm dish....

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  1. I ordered a Geosatpro 90cm dish and a C1-PLL lite & conical scalar kit friday and the c1-pll showed up today. I was bored so I decided to try my luck and hook it up to the slimline. I didn't have any luck pulling anything in. I first pointed and tuned 99W on KU. I then swapped in the C1-PLL and no matter the scalar or where I moved it the best I could do was 85% Strength and bouncing 0%-10% Quality no lock 4077 H 26400. just not enough dish I think, I hope to have better luck on 90cm
  3. 4000 h is the Lesea mux aim for that one.
  4. sitting out at the dish right now actually Love this freesat V8 finder, plugged in the right frequency same result. 85% Strength bouncing between 0% & 10% Quality no lock
  5. It gave me less on quality than my amikos. I have v7 its alright but could be better.
  6. Minimum I would try for C-Band on is a 4 footer(1.2M).
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  7. You know i have modified everything from a foil covered Frisbee to a literal pizza pan and received ku signal but I have yet to get even a blip from c band on my 1.2m dish. I guess since the seasons winding down ill get a cooler of beer, a stool and start goofing around this fall............
  8. You will get it. I have gotten C-Band on 1.2M a few times. Never had much luck with anything smaller.
  9. I got a few channels on my 90cm dish when I tried last summer, using a titanium c band lnbf with a conical scaler. I remember that there was a strong signal on 97w , but I don't remember the channel name.
  10. I'm hoping I manage to pull in either the Lesea mux on 99W and InfoWars on 103W. Anything else will be gravy. If this experiment fails I'll put the C1-PLL's and conical kit up in the classifieds. Regardless if C-Band works or not the 90cm will certainly help out on the KU side should help with the borderline TP's
  11. You'll never get infowars with that small of a dish as that is an 8-PSK mux. When I did it I used my 1.2 meter dish and I did get the Lesea channels pretty good though.
  12. It is? Sathint has it listed as DVB-S QPSK thats why I thought I might have a chance
  13. It's DVB-S2 and 8psk. Deutsch World is also on that transponder. You need a very well tuned 8' dish for that one and that is marginal. I've got them on my 10' dish and it's not the strongest one on it.
  14. Thanks for the info, a 8-10ft dish will have wait till Feb. SAF is currently low because the 90cm was bought before consulting her. I'm already on the couch, if tell her I need to buy another dish or motor I might be in the car
  15. What would be the min I would need for 3940 H 30000 on 97W, 3726 V 10000, and 4000 H 26400 on 99W? I'm also considering replacing my X2-M1HD+ with a linkbox 9000i local any opinions on that STB
  16. I get the Lesea Mux on my 1.2 meter about 70q but not much of anything else. Don't get rid of that c band lnbf keep it when you get a bigger dish.
  17. Sleeping in the car isn't too bad. Tell her the additional radiated RF is beneficial and will improve your sex life. :biggrin They fall for that every time. If you were here, I could probably get you a 10 footer free. Here's my yard. Just installed the 3rd one from the left today. I'm shooting for 8 dishes in all. I have a 7 1/2 footer laying on the ground. (not in picture) There's a Paraclipse fiberglass behind these, but it's out of sight behind the trees. I have less than $600 in this setup, and most of that was for LNB's and receivers.

    From Left to right, 101W, 99W, 97W & 87W. The Paraclipse is on 103W. Not sure where you are?. Depends on how far you're willing to travel. I'm in central West Virginia. I'm going to look at another 10 footer tomorrow.


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  18. I played a bit with a 90cm in C-Band this past spring, with an older FortecStar receiver (mpeg2/dvb-s only), and got good reception of:
    - Classic Arts Showcase (SD), and The Word network on 91W
    - ESPN radio mux on 105W
    sporadic reception of TeleSur Mexico on 113W, TV Globo (encrypted) on 55.5W and Rede Genesis on 40W (with the dielectric insert in the LNBF for circular pol.)

    Then recently i tried that same LNBF on a 120cm, with an Amiko Mini HD RE, and got different results:
    - still getting The Word on 91W. Not getting The Art Showcase SD - not even detecting the transponder, weird...
    - have not tried 40W
    - Getting LESEA mux on 99W with enough Q for a stable, non-pixelated picture
    - Getting BBC world radio mux on 55.5W
    - ESPN radio mux on 105W
    - on almost all satellites the Amiko detects the transponders with the right SR, but not well enough to lock on the signal

    In both cases, The Word on 91W was the strongest channel. So might be a good target for a first attempt at mini/micro BUD.
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  19. I thought Classic Arts Showcase switched to DVB-S2. Lyngsat still shows both TPs, but try 4066 V 6051, 8PSK 5/6. Might be a bit tough on a small dish...

    EDIT: Here's the info from CAS themselves (I really do miss this channel...) Classic Arts Showcase
  20. Well I've been playing with the new dish but haven't seen much improvement on ku or C I get a couple of new TPs but nothing I now get the 12134 H 4600 on 103W but still no 12080 H 30000. Other birds I get the same channels as with the slimline. Except now on 87W I can reliably get LPB. This friday think I am going to by a HH-90 and move the dish to the roof to rule out obstructions.