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Sep 7, 2003
Wildblue should be a go for sometime in 2004. For those of you who don't know what Wildblue is, it will be the first Ka band Internet Satellite return system. Should be reasonably priced too. It should blow Starband out of the water. We shall see.



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Sep 7, 2003
Its about time someone puts up something to compete with Starband, Hopefully the monthly's are more reasonable. I have been a starband dealer for some time now, and they seem to be nothing but trouble for very little return.

I am not very familiar with the whole Ka scene, what are the benifits of this system vs. Starband? I read that there is still latency issues so voice over and gaming is still out. No VPN for now either???? :shock:

Still look forward to learning more.


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Sep 7, 2003
Western WV
Dish said they were coming out with a broadband service for under $50 in the future but it may be a few years before it rolls out.

It looks as is StarBand and DirectWay are going to have to compete a good bit in order to stay in business against WildBlue if they have an affordable price on the monthly fee and hardware.

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