Dell Expects to Offer Flat-Panel TVs, Electronics


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Sep 6, 2003
Reuters Article
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Dell Inc., the No. 1 personal computer maker, plans to begin offering a broad range of consumer electronics products and could start selling flat-panel TVs fairly soon, the company's chief operating officer said on Wednesday.
Dell's move into consumer electronics comes as both it and rivals target the market for televisions and other products, a market dominated by Panasonic, Sony Corp., Thomson's and Philips.

"My guess is that we'll be in flat-panel TVs at some point. We have not confirmed it but my guess is we'll be in it within a reasonably short period of time," Dell COO Kevin Rollins told reporters before a speech here.

"It's a matter of time before we evolve into a broader range of consumer electronics products," he said.

Facing slower demand for personal computers, PC makers are turning to personal entertainment devices, such as digital cameras, MP3 players, and high-definition TVs, which are seen as key growth areas in the $100 billion consumer electronics market.

Gateway Inc., for example, sells flat-screen TVs and low-cost digital cameras sporting the Gateway brand.

Dell, meanwhile, has done well with its Axim line of personal digital assistants and Dell-branded printers, which are manufactured by Lexmark International Inc. It recently started selling plasma televisions.

Well put a fork into Gateway. There is no way they can compete against Dell in this market. Not sure if I would sent five grand for a TV without seeing it first though.
That would be Gateway Store's advantage. They can give the demonstration although some may go there and end up buying the Dell TV afterwards.

I think this is great news. Competition is good and they should be able to build a great TV seeing how good their computers are.
Doesn't help them sell computers. The only hope for gateway is the fact they had markets Dell was not in. Now they don't....
Gateway closed up alot of their stores due to lack of sales.

Dell should have no problem making this conversion seeing as they already pump out a ton of monitors a day.
They can use one benefit right off the bat and go further with it, being able to manufacture in bulk to keep prices down and do that even more since they would be able to use the same type of moniter as tv's as they could for computers in many cases.

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