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Mar 10, 2009
Carlsbad, CA 92010
I live >50 miles from LA Stations (Mt Wilson), but it is a straight shot mostly over the ocean. I live in Carlsbad, CA 92010. I do not get any local San Diego channels OTA, even though they are much, much closer. This is probably because of foothills in the way.

When I got DirctTV with HD, I noticed it had an antenna input so I bought a big Yagi style antenna (don't remember the brand or model, but it is looonnnng) and mounted and pointed it to Mt Wilson. I worked and I got over-the-air HD local LA channels. Not 100% reliable, but very serviceable.

I just got rid of DirecTV because they wanted a 24 month commitment to fix my receiver, but I would like to have my over-the-air HD TV back.

My Sony TV is only "HD Ready" so I bought a Winegard Digital HD Receiver RC-1010, but although it senses some channels (and two at 100%), it cannot lock on any one of them and so I don't have any OTA channels.

Will adding a pre-amp improve the signal enough for the Winegard? I am considering a Wiengard AP 4800. Should I buy different kind of antenna? For example, I could use my DirecTV antenna mounting for some bow tie style antennas with built-in pre-amplifiers, but I wonder whether there would be an overall improvement in the signal.

Or, is the Winegard RC-1010 just a POS?

Any suggestions would be appreciated and thanks in advance!



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Dec 15, 2004
A preamp may or may not help. They are intended to make up for signal losses in your cabling.

I live in temecula, and I have NO problem receiving LA stations without a preamp.

I used to use a Winegard HD-9095.... but then upgraded to a HD-8200 for the digitial conversion. You need to know that ABC and FOX will both be returning to their VHF stations in June.

That being said, I did need a preamp once I started splitting my antenna signal to mulitiple receivers and tvs.

Since you are 70-100 miles out.. you need to get the largest antenna you can... and get it as high up in the air as you can.

I currently receive the following signals on my Dish 622 receiver
2-CBS 100
4-NBC 100
7-ABC 75-85
11-FOX 75-85

I never have any drops or any problems with reception

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