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Apr 21, 2009
MY friend has HDTV, with two receivers, one H22 AND ONE IS H20.

The problem start few weeks ago, no receiver can get HD channels, the receiver will simple tell no signal 771 searching for signal on all HD channel. But regular digital channels are all in good standing, signal on all major three satellites 101, 110 and 119 are in few with uppper 80 and most are upper 90 or 100 signal. On both 99 and 103 satellite, only 99a on channel 1,3 and 5 with signal reading, all in 0. Run test and check receiver on H22 came the error code 42-625, anyone know what this code stand for ?? I re-peak the dish and no help with the HD channels, run check got 99 a only even channels in green and b both red, also 103 all red on both odd and even channels.

Check reciever H20, can get reading on all channels from satellite 99a, with good signal quality (80 up to mid 90) and all major three satellites. Non on 103 satellite, but, however, the signals on this receiver will gone and come back and most time is searching for signal on every channel.

I also found, the ground wire are disconnected sometime ago when they had the outside wall in work, I am going to reattach the ground wire once have the problem fix.

One morew thing, once I use the meter to check signal, it peak at high O.K. but will eventual jumping tell the signal not stable, so this link me believe the slimline LNBF is not working proper, hell, its less then one years old.
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