Wireless Genie on commercial account?


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May 23, 2004
Olympia, WA
Hey all—

Does anyone know if it is possible to get a Genie and wireless clients on a commercial account? I work in a historic building, we can’t get cable, and have a bit of a wonky situation for Internet — I’d prefer we use more traditional means for TV rather than IP.

The boss really wants to avoid additional wires strung up — I thought “I know! DirecTV has wireless Genies!”... I called my AT&T rep and he said yep no problem... until it came time to put the order through (2 different reps later)... apparently I can either have regular non-DVR boxes, or I can have a DVR at each TV. Not networked, and not wireless.

Did I just get mis-informed reps? This is a small private building — it’s not an issue of wireless range. Can I just buy the Genie and clients online at a authorized dealer and activate it? Just curious... it seems dumb to me that their most flexible DVR is flat out unavailable to all commercial accounts.


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