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  1. For years I had a nice surround sound system (5.1) in my den with my satellite TV. I had a nice large subwoofer cube, some nice though large Boston Acoustics front speakers, and BA towers for my back speakers.

    Today - new situation, all the equipment is gone (except for my Dish receiver and new flat screen) and starting from scratch. All we have is a Sony soundbar. For reasons not worth going into,, running wires to the back of the room for the surround speakers is not an option. So I'm looking for a decent wireless option for the back speakers. I've got to purchase the AVR, front speakers (side, center, subwoofer) and some kind of wireless back receivers.

    Is there a wireless surround system that is not junk, won't have a faint hum or buzz (drives me crazy) and yet is on the reasonable side in cost? Or better yet, what are the options at different price points?

  2. I was in the same situation recently. Bought a new house, but the design of the great room made wired rear speakers a real issue. Thought about ceiling speakers for the rears but in the end I just didn't like that idea. So I started to think a bit out of the box.

    Ended up getting the Samsung 950 ATMOS soundbar system. 48" soundbar, powered wireless subwoofer and 2 rear wireless speakers. As soundbars go, this is an expensive unit with some growing pains. But overall I'm very pleased with the results and have had no issues with it. That said, if I was a big music listener, this wouldn't be the choice, but for TV/Movie use it is very good. And when you get a Bluray with ATMOS encoding it really shines.
  3. Second the Samsung 950 recommendation. It is not like the 7.1 system I had in a dedicated theater at my previous house but seems to be the best compromise I've run across. I started out with a Yamaha YSP-3300, which receives good reviews but it doesn't work so well in today's popular 'open concept' living rooms.
  4. If you want really good sound quality that is perfectly matched with your other speakers, the sad answer seems to be no. If you want OK sounds that is mostly in sync, the above option (among several others) is available. I have yet to find anything that actually works at the quality level that I want without wires..
  5. i just stopped at 3.1

    someday if i ever find a suitable wireless rear system i might try 5.1.
    i am thinking it would need its own amp, or power to the speakers if they have a built in amp
    so there is no way to get wound some kind of wires.

    i have a denon avr and have thought about the heos speakers, just havent researched it yet
  6. The rears for the Samsung system do have to be plugged in for power. Not completely wireless.
  7. I would hope so, if only battery that would be insane for full time indoor system.. :)
  8. I can't say I have exhaustively listened to every option of course but your choice is a good one overall for a wireless system in the realm of what I could afford.
  9. Yeah, my ideal system would be a speaker system that lets me pick a decent AV receiver. So the front speakers and subwoofer wouldn't need to be wireless, just the rears.
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