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SatelliteGuys Pro
Dec 13, 2009
My buddy is remodeling his house and asked me to wire it up "for the future". Just wanna make sure I am not forgetting anything. I'm actually pretty excited about doing this.

He currently has DTV but MAY switch to Dish shortly. My plan is to find a location for both Dish and Direct TV install. (basically a eastern and western arc dish install)

TV& Media
-RG6 to each room, in multiple locations; all ran to the breaker box location
-Speaker wire ran to install 7.1 surround (all suspended from the ceiling with the exception of the sub of course)
-Dual line RG6 w/ ground (x2) from satellite dish location to breaker box location

Internet & Networking
-ISP modem in closet; RG6 from closet location to outside pole drop
-router that he chooses; nothing real fancy
-CAT5 from router location to each RG6 drop location
-a few CAT5 lines from breaker box location to modem location in closet

-8 channel video surveillance system
-all cables ran to closet with ISP modem and surveillance HD

-The closet that will house the modem/router and security system/HD will have 6 outlets, all on its own breaker. The theater install location will also be on this breaker which will be surge protected
-Chases will be ran; one from the breaker box to the closet that will house the internet/surveillance system, one from the breaker box area to the back side of the home for future cable coming into the house


Really, I can't think of much more that we can do. Any input will be much appreciated.
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Too many cables
Supporting Founder
Sep 25, 2003
Norman, OK
Should use cat6 cable. It is just slightly more expensive, but installation costs are the same.

If possible conduit is always nice for the future. I also recommend putting on both sides of a room -- furniture gets rearranged at times and it is nice to have options. I even have 3-4 areas in rooms with more than 2 possible media walls.
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