WJAL In Hagerstown MD to Go Dark on 10/1/17

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  2. Sorry to see it go. It was one we could sometimes get at our RV.
  3. Just curious, what type of programming did it show? Always sorry to hear a station go dark. Locally, we had an AM radio station go dark after more than 50 yrs on the air. WFLI AM Cleveland TN. It was an icon. We still have the CW affiliate WFLI licensed to Cleveland/Chattanooga TN transmitter on Signal Mtn TN.
  4. Oldies.

    Mostly we watch MPT while there. Plenty of shows we love.
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  5. The guide on Dish goes way past midnight. Their web page says nothing of shutting down.

    Could that article be wrong? Or are they continuing, just shuck of their transmitter and associated bills?

    Unless the channel sharing has begun?
  6. I was wondering about channel sharing as well. Especially since Bounce and Justice will be leaving WUSA at the same time. But I am not sure.

    As for the article being wrong I guess we will find out soon.
  7. Next weekend, I will likely be at my trailer to see.

    But I can check here in NOVA, too.
  8. I have it via Comcast and OTA. Just after midnight and Comcast is displaying color bars.

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  9. WUSA now has just 9-1 and 68-1, the latter running LATV. RabbitEars will be updated shortly.

    - Trip
  10. Still on Dish. Guide says some religious program, but in fact it's two Spanish speaking guys hawking a set of pots.
  11. This morning I turned on the TV and saw it still on DISH. I also saw Bounce and justice listed as WUSA subchannels. I scanned and now I get WJAL on DISH and OTA and bounce and Justice are gone. I think that the the 68.1 I receive is really coming from WUSA and channel sharing started as close as possible to the shutoff of the old transmitter.

    Now are they going to become a Unimas affiliate or will they stick with the low budget independent lineup they have had for quite a while.
  12. I just did a rescan on my ChannelMaster DVR+ and 68-1 is coming thru just fine. Wish I spoke Spanish.

    But I've lost channel 8.
  13. I am sure we wil both learn to love LATV. I never heard of it before but it is here now.
  14. Si.