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Playing XBoxOne SeriesX/Supporter
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Sep 12, 2003
Brielle, NJ
I've had one since Launch Day, logged a couple thousand hours on it between my son and myself....

Zero issues and it is in a corner cabinet that isn't as well ventilated as it should be.... I DID stand the power brick up on its' side (perched on the cord input area) so the brick is well ventilated. I think this is the source of most people's problems. The brick gets too hot and bad stuff happens....
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Pub Member / Supporter
Pub Member / Supporter
Nov 20, 2004
Bought my first one ~1yr ago. No issues. Bought a 2nd one a week before Xmas, last year. Lasted about 2 hours and got the red lights of death. The power button on the 360 didn't feel right from the start. Defective? Returned it for another one. No issues with the replacement.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Apr 1, 2004
Cumming, GA
we'll I picked up my new 360 today and it seems to work , but I have been playing my wifes 360 and today she turn it on and got the 3 red lights , lol, these thing are put together to last . I have a warranty from Bestbuy on her 360 , so back it goes tomorrow. They both are well ventalated.
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