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I also checked this out last night and it does work but it's very clunky. When you look at your library of Windows 10 Store games it only shows the games you actually own. It does not include the Play Anywhere games from Game Pass. You can pull up the Game Pass library from inside the Windows 10 store but then it shows all the games whether they work on PC or not. I haven't found a way to bring up the Game Pass games I have access to that work on PC.

What does work is just searching for the game but that requires you to know that it is in Game Pass and supports Play Anywhere. I wanted to try out Halo Wars: Definitive Edition so I typed Halo Wars into the store search bar and found it that way. Then it acknowledges that I have access to to it through Game Pass.

They need to make it much simpler than this. Copying over the exact same display format from the Xbox One isn't a good way to do it when most of the Game Pass games aren't available on the PC store.
I think you get 20% off anything that's in the Game Pass catalog, that basically brings the Best Buy Gamer program to digital if that is still a thing when these AAA titles hit Game Pass. Not super familiar with it.

I don't think that is even limited to titles that are in the Game Pass catalogue. The main Game Pass page says subscribers get 20% off Xbox One game purchases and 10% off add-ons. I think that applies to everything in the digital store. I was excited about this too because I currently use Amazon's 20% off new games for Prime members deal pretty often even though I strongly prefer to buy my games digitally. The fine print at the bottom of the Game Pass page says this doesn't apply to games within 30 days of release though. That is still a nice perk, especially if it stacks on top of other sales, but it is a limitation that doesn't apply to Amazon or Best Buy.

You were actually right on this. After looking at the store over the last few days I see that the 20% discount on games and 10% on DLC only applies to titles in the Game Pass library. The wording on the Game Pass website does not specify this but that seems to be how it works. I thought it might be mentioned in the fine print but all they say there is that it doesn't apply to games in the first 30 days after release.


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I may pick this up in the spring after I'm done with Yakuza. I'd like to try out some of those Xbox Play Anywhere games like ReCore.

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