Zap2it ratings ?


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Mar 6, 2004
I can't find a thread on this - and can't find the answer on Zap2it's homepage, so....

Where can I find an explanation of their movie rating system? For instance, a movie might have a NR**+, or AO, or PG-13**. The NR, PG, etc. is obvious. But what do the "**+" and similar symbols represent?
I think you can make a guess as to what "**+" equals. It actually equals to stars plus but to know what that means is left for interpretation. I usually don't follow this system because sometimes a "*' or "**" to movie critics may or may not mean much since I either loved or hated the movie. It is left for interpretation but with a concious effort that a three star movie might be better than a two start movie. Was I clear?
Oh. I never thought of it from the perspective that it was a subjective quality rating. I thought they were trying to code it to indicate content such as violence, drugs, language, etc.


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