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    Are you really Penny from Big Bang Theory?
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    Thinking about switching to Hopper - need advice

    So, plus $19 a month to go the Hopper route. I have two other 211Ks in storage somewhere. Replacing the 222K with two 211Ks would raise my bill $7 a month and give me the ability to push four HD TVs. I guess I need to decide if the Hopper is worth $12 a month. Thanks for everyone's responses.
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    Thinking about switching to Hopper - need advice

    I currently have: Eastern Arc - two sats 61.5 and 72 Two 211Ks at the house - owned One 222K that is used for tailgating - owned America's top 200 ($74.99) and two HD receiver fees ($7.00 each) - monthly bill is $88.99 - have free HD for life I am thinking about getting rid of the 222K -...
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    Camp Site Set-Up

    Because of the amount of time I spend there and the lack of cell coverage or internet access, cost is not the major factor. For example, a couple of months ago I was doing some remodeling and left some circuits off for a couple of weeks. I had to get a reauthorization for the receiver...
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    Camp Site Set-Up

    The good thing is that we have the option. I don't deactivate or wag the other receiver around because it is worth $7 a month not to do it. When I get to my boat all I want to do is relax, not deal with trying to hook up the receiver, reactivate a receiver, or deal with a reauthorization.
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    Camp Site Set-Up

    I understand how to get it reauthorized, but when you are in an area with very limited cell coverage, it is a PITA. So is activating and deactivating. My camp is actually a houseboat and I am there probably 40 weekends out of the year.
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    Camp Site Set-Up

    The absolute "simplest" thing would be to haul the receiver back and forth. I have the same basic situation as you and did that for a while. I ended up buying a 211k and leaving it at the camp. It does cost an extra $7 a month, but I got tired of carrying the other receiver back and forth...
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    Viewing SD %

    Pretty much zero. Maybe an old show once or twice a month.
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    Dish Alignment for Locals

    I live down the road from Macon and get Macon locals. I moved down here a little over a year ago. I get a lot more rain related problems on EA than I did in TN on WA, but there are a lot more thunderstorms down here too.
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    Sony TV stopped communicating with my dish receiver

    I had to hard reboot - unplug - my Visio sound bar the other day to get it to work.
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    Wing Dish Question.

    Until this summer, I was right up the road from you in Johnson City and used a 500 as a wing dish to get a better signal for 129. I had a 500 with a twin for 110 and 119 and a 500 with an I adapter and a single. All ran to a DP34 switch, then into the house.
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    Satellite Changes Coming - May 31st, 2015

    Charles Ergen is worth $16 billion today. I am pretty sure that he and his expensive team of accountants have looked at all of the costs and are doing what is least expensive overall.
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    Dish having transmission issues?

    So, is it technically feasible for Dish to upgrade the Gilbert facility to be able to transmit through the storms?
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    Dish, Sprint Offer $30, 10 Mbps Fixed LTE Service in Texas

    Charter Spectrum 60/5. No caps that they advertise.
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    tony stewart hits driver

    I can understand how the family would think like that, but the DA was explicit when he said that the enhanced videos showed that Tony's car did not change its line until the back tire hit Ward. They did not get what they wanted out of the justice system because Tony was not a fault. I suppose...