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    Distant Networks - Old laws gone and Now that Analog has shut down.

    At least the two of you don't live in the western part of the DMA. D* is the only satellite option if we want HD - seems that E*'s applicable spotbeam doesn't cover the western part of the DMA (certainly not Clinton County, and apparently not a large part of Lycoming).
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    First Look - Dish Booth & 922

    Now come on - nobody needs physical buttons/keys anymore. Haven't you heard about the Macbook Wheel? MacBook Wheel Okay, so it's a joke, but still...
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    Pink Screen in Scranton DMA

    Didn't check this morning, but both channels went dark at 2300 last night on D*. Looked like it happened right as they were switching from national programming to the late news, but that might be coincidence. Like I said, I didn't check to see if they were back since last night.
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    DirecTV2PC Issues & Feedback

    Any fix for the playback progress bar staying on screen yet? It doesn't matter how long I leave the machine alone, the bar remains.
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    DirecTV2PC Issues & Feedback

    This is the big one that I see so far. Otherwise it looks good.
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    HR2x / R22 Receiver Freeze / Reboot Issues (Again)

    Just hit the guide button after the reboot and see this screen. System Info confirms that the software is version 0290. This receiver has never had a CE release loaded on it.
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    DirecTV-2-PC Public Beta

    Looks like it's become the new national release as of 1815EDT today...
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    HR2x / R22 Receiver Freeze / Reboot Issues (Again)

    Well, I guess I won't have to go to the CE release to try DIRECTV2PC...
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    HR2x / R22 Receiver Freeze / Reboot Issues (Again)

    No clue that there was even a new national release out there. Just an earlier lockup, which required an RBR, and then it does this. The DL just finished and it's rebooting again, so we'll see what happens.
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    HR2x / R22 Receiver Freeze / Reboot Issues (Again)

    My HR21 just rebooted and is DL'ing new software (0290)
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    The company appears to be based out of the Netherlands from what I can tell in the filings. The only other thing that I could find about them is that they seem to claim to have invented or are associated with the inventor of spotbeams. (WO/2007/047159) SATELLITES AND SIGNAL DISTRIBUTION...
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    Trouble getting 5-LNB Dish installed by installer.

    While I think you'd probably be fine on the deck, this excuse is a bunch of horse-hockey. This would almost indicate that they're not doing pole mounts at all, which is truly unbelievable. No 2" poles - yeah right!
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    Scranton/Wilkes-Barre NBC and CBS?

    Originally, I also thought the calls were a pretty good indicator, but now I'm not so sure. The fact that the NYC DNS channels are moving to MPEG4 would appear to be more of a catalyst now that we see a timetable for it. I'm willing to bet that we'll not see WCBS and WNBC at the new locations...
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    Amusing D* upgrade

    I'd be careful messing around with the cable co stuff. If it's anything like Comcast here, their box is a 2 compartment enclosure, with a customer access side and a restricted side that has the tamper lock on it. Apparently they like to put all of their traps in the restricted side. Last year...
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    Did Nexstar sign an agreement with Directv?

    Nothing official has been released. Seeing how DirecTV has called me and informed me that I'll be losing my NYC CBS and NBC feeds early next month, I really hope that something is happening. For me, Nexstar still will not be forcing me to watch their in-market feed - I simply refuse to watch...