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    DISH's new IPTV Service to be called...

    Any firm date on the launch?
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    I think this latest programming dispute is more evidence that congress needs to get involved and require that program providers offer their channels in a "Alacart" option. I know many people would be willing to pay several dollars a month for their local sports network....or national sports...
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    What HD would you like to see added next?

    I would like to see the Phoenix locals add the CW and PBS in HD, I also would like to see ESPNU added. Really, how many SD channels no longer have a HD version? Dish should stop selling and installing SD boxes to make the transition to ONLY HD something that will happen sooner rather then later.
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    HD America Gold

    I could be wrong, but I understand that current "HD america" customers are gradfathered and those packages are no longer available to new or existing customers.
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    Pricing Update from Dish Network

    I have a question. I currently have a 722 HD DVR in my main room and 211 in my second room(Both leased) I don't use the 211 much and I have TV2 from my 722 connected. Would Dish allow me to return the 211? If so, how whould that effect My bill after 02/01?
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    I guess I'm a big sports fan(especially college football)so I'm struggling to think of an HD channel that Dish has recently added that would be more welcome then ESPNU-HD. In the past couple years the game selection was a little less then stellar, but it could be more compelling now that ESPN...
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    All American Direct HD Prices

    Good post! Whatever the opinion about the price, the potential customer pool appears rather limited. A lower price would tempt more people to get the channels dishonestly, but its people who truly can't receive local channels that are confronted with this choice: Option one: Sub to the SD...
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    All American Direct (AAD) in HD $25 EACH? OUCH!

    Obviously, you did not read to carefully.......I said it "Should" be illegal. Yes, nobody will hold a gun to your head and make you purchase these channels, but if you live in an area where HD feeds of the "Big four" are not available it is a little harder to say NO THANKS! I also say "No...
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    All American Direct (AAD) in HD $25 EACH? OUCH!

    It should be illegal to charge customers $34.99 monthly for channels that are "Free" for anyone with a good antenna and a TV with a digital tuner that lives within range of the broadcast tower. I would not pay $34.99 for an HD package of the four premiums(HBO, SHO, Starz & Max)and I CERTAINLY...
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    Free PPV movie (2)

    I ordered two HD PPV movies and no credit for me either......this smells like a scam to me.
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    PBS Stations in HD ?

    I would like Dish to add my local(Phoenix) CW in HD before they consider PBS........although ANY new HD is always welcome.
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    Prices up, no new HD (yet)

    Well, I called this morning and downgraded from TurboHD silver DVR advantage to Bronze(I also have HBO & Starz) I have seen the list of proposed new HD channels and NOTHING on that list has me excited. I hate to move backwards, but I can't justify spending $10.00 more for the same programming...
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    channel available for immediate upgrade

    Yes! That is what it means. Dish only offers a few channels that can be added seperately(Ala'carte) such as Bloomberg.....unfortunately Boomerang is not one of them.
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    Question about the Price Increase

    Wow! In this economy? Dish is taking a risky road asking their custmers for an extra $10 a month! Also, looking at the list of new HD channels expected to be added in 2009 it is hard to understand the logic that this mediocre list of channels justifies this BIG price jump....just crazy.
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    Question about the Price Increase

    Is there a link for the purposed price changes for February?