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    Future NEW DirecTv Customer

    I would take a look at the new customer pricing at Looks like you might get better pricing going through DirecTV and not bundling (or bundling after the fact). If you order Xtra online right now you can get it for $34.99 a month for 12 months, a much better price. DirecTV will have...
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    Directv Cinema Connection, etc..

    The HR24 has a built in DECA, but not CCK. The HR24 will not share it's Ethernet connection with over receivers. The H25 can't use the HR24s Ethernet connection. If you have an HR24, you should have a CCK installed.
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    Directv Cinema Connection, etc..

    I don't either. There was only one coax line where the HR34 was going so the installer installed a splitter than created 2 short coax cables to go from the 2 way splitter to the HR34 and CCK. What a waste of work when he could have just connected an ethernet cable and been done. Oh well, I get...
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    Directv Cinema Connection, etc..

    Ultimately, I would guest making sure you have at least one CCK on your network weather it is the wired CCK, wireless CCK, or the CCK built into the HR34/44. That way newer devices like the C31 and most importantly the H25 have access to the Internet. I figure well see more and more IRDs without...
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    Directv Cinema Connection, etc..

    The CCK just converts Ethernet to DECA to be carried over coax. If you have Ethernet run to each box, you re correct, you don't need the CCK. I let the installer connect a CCK for me and them I removed it. I use my HR34 to connect the rest of my receivers to the Internet using its built in CCK.
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    Thinking of adding a Genie client.... advice?

    I haven't had any recording issues with my HR34. I can't recall a program that hasn't recorded correctly or in its entirety. The C31 client is the smallest receiver DirecTV has. If you want to avoid using the HR34, you can purchase an H25 at the same cost (upfront and money). The H25 is slightly...
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    Genie Upgrade Question

    Anytime you get a Genie you are required to sign a new 2 year agreement.
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    Genie Upgrade Question

    You would gain 5 additional, for a total of 9 recording slots. 5 tuners on the Genie and 2 on each of the HR24 and HR23.
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    Genie Upgrade

    Any idea which Ohio Markets by chance?
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    "Reported attack site"...

    Me too. I am getting it with Safari and Firefox for both Satelliteguys and DBSTalk. What is going on?
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    9" Portable DVD Player - Enter To Win

    My niece can use this! Please enter me!
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    $20 Discover Card Gift Card

    Enter me! In need money. After all, I am a student.
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    MyBook 320GB External USB Hard Drive - Enter To Win

    Please enter me! I am a student and I have a lot f MP3s and and taking a class on video editing and you know how much uncompressed video takes! Thanks
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    HD Boxes: 0 For 3!

    Could it be that your dish needs aligned? If you are getting pixelation, your signal might be weak. Go to Menu-> Settings-> Setup-> Satellite-> Signal Strength. Make sure most of your numbers are above 70. It is okay if you see 2 or 3 zeros. It is common to see zeros. Check all sats.
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    Why is DVR not free? Is there a better deal?

    The problem with Dish Networks DVRS is that if two TV are connected, essentially, each TV is getting ONE tuner where as with D* each room gets two tuners. Dish is just trying to keep it cheap by using one box for two rooms. I personally would rather have two tuners per TV rather than one.