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    Atlanta Thrashers moving to Winnipeg

    In no particular order: Atlanta was fine until about three years ago, when the brick wall that is their current ownership group peeved a lot of fans. Atlanta Spirit Group's indifference to hockey caused some indifference within their fan base. It's no coincedence that for the franchise that...
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    I don’t mind Dish Network making a profit, but not a killing.

    Oh, those local franchise agreements are still around. How does anyone think Verizon was able to enter the TV business so quickly? There is only one major locality in the DC metro area, Alexandria, that has yet to negotiate a TV franchise agreement with Verzion. More here.
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    If cable can do it.....

    Without having the time to look it up, I can only assume that the cable company is using a significantly-viewed channel to replace the network programming that is missing. Perfectly legal, and perfectly suited for either Dish Network or DirecTV to do the exact same thing, provided there is a...
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    Mark Cuban exploring BCS alternative

    First I've read of it... All of this is simply convincing the "FBS" (another acronym with one letter to many) to behave like the rest of NCAA sports. We're already in the throes of a fairly decent playoff in "FCS" football. And can anyone imagine the TV money in December and January if a...
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    TWC going to battle with Dish for low end?

    The problem here is that in order to pool the bargaining rights to the leagues, this law needed to be passed. It would need to be "undone" in order to allow the NFL to broadcast Friday night games nationally. Could it be changed? Sure. But the law must be changed before the NFL gives a...
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    TWC going to battle with Dish for low end?

    Not possible unless some laws are created or repealed... The reason most of us are used to the "High School Football Fridays", "College Football Saturdays" and "NFL Sundays" is because of the Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961. The NFL will not be broadcasting a package of games on the NFL...
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    Using the BSU-Nevada Game to Predict Saskatchewan Roughrider Victory in the Grey Cup

    I had attended about three of those games that year; one against San Antonio, one against Hamilton and a game against Winnipeg. The Hamilton game was my first date with my-now wife. I'll never forget the look on her face when she saw how big the field was. They were "Baltimore CFL" in 1994...
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    Dish HD vs Disney (DISH sort of won...)

    There are four carriage contracts, that we know of: 1) ESPN, which is for six SD and two HD ESPN channels 2) Disney, which is for three SD properties (Disney, Disney XD, Soapnet) 3) ABC Family, by itself as the channels is owned 50/50 between Disney and Saban Entertainment 4) ABC...
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    Dish's en banc request APPROVED!

    Why would the networks object? The law allowed for Dish Network to have the injunction dropped and allow them back into the distant business again, so it wouldn't matter if the networks had any objections, as Dish Network was going to get their license. The difference is this time, Dish...
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    DISH Network Reports Third Quarter 2010 Financial Results

    I am interested to know what exactly the resolution was, as something here doesn't add up.
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    Letting go of cable

    It's because ivi is only using a section that fits their argument. If ivi is claiming they are a cable company, there are more rules they must follow, such as signing a carriage agreement with the stations involved. In other words, ivi is only using this one section of US Code regarding...
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    The NHL Shoot-out: Love it, fix it, or dump it?

    I felt that was intriguing. I couldn't stand the 3-0-2-0 standings from five years ago. However, I did prefer the Olympic scoring of: 3 points for regulation win 2 or 1 for overtime win/loss 0 for regulation loss. I'm torn. I don't think a team deserves 2 points for a regulation...
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    Oy vey. Read this. Liberty Entertainment spun itself away from Liberty Media, and then merged with DirecTV. When the deal closed in November 2009, John Malone was left with 24 percent voting stock. That voting stock was later reduced to three percent and the three officers from Liberty...
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    For the love of Pete. Read this. Snippets: EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Jun 16, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- DIRECTV (NASDAQ:DTV) today announced that it has consummated the previously announced transaction with Dr. John C. Malone to recapitalize the DIRECTV stock ownership held by Dr. Malone, his...
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    How? John Malone is no longer on the Board of Directors, and no longer has any true voting power. The current Board of Directors basically ousted Liberty Media.