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    Weatherscan 101

    No longer on Comcast Denver.
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    2/8/2014 6:32am - Uplink Activity Report - 2 changes

    Thanks Willh699, but why do they have to have "daily changes"? Thanks in advance.
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    What receiver should I ask for

    Why? If I went to a jewelry store for an engagement ring and the clerk said "Here, this is the one from the top of the stack. You get no choice." I would not buy there. Why can't D* customers get their box of choice. There's a reason why iPhone 3's, for example, don't sell much any more.
  4. grumpa - Your Free File Hosting ?

    Worked on Chrome, but not on IE.
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    10/5/2012 4:32pm - Uplink Activity Report - 12 changes

    What about the other 18 markets?
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    Dish / Gannett Dispute Settled! No Channel Removals!

    Midnight ET Oct 7 2012. No channel Oct 8 from 12:00:01 am Oct 8 2012
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    SatelliteGuys.US Turns 9

    Congrats! I love Satellite Guys.
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    Trojan Alert

    Thanks for the AVG recommendation and for all the great advice. :)
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    Welcome New Members! (Please Say HI here!)

    Just saying hello. Don't forget to vote tomorrow.