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    Low Speed Data Port For RV

    My father had the same setup. He used an old sony (forget the model number) that had the data port to lock the satellite in and then after it was locked on he switched over to a new subscribed receiver. The receiver with the data port does not need to be activated for it to lock up the...
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    Installers Care?

    I may have to setup a service call because i am having trouble with DTVs junk HD DVRs. Would an installer care if he didn't find all the receivers in my house when he came? Does it just depend on the individual installer? Some might be in my "RV or something". Thanks for the input.
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    HR21 Audio Dropouts

    So I take it this is no longer a wide spread issue with the HR21. Should I try to get it replaced?
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    HR21 Audio Dropouts

    I was wondering if people are still having audio dropouts on certain HD channels? I know this has been a well talked about issue with the HR21 but I haven't seen anything posted about it lately. I am still having problems on some of the newer HD channels. Also can anyone tell me if these...
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    New CE Feature: Welcome To Widgets

    I was wondering if this failed network services has something to do with my I am do seeing widgets yet.
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    New CE Feature: Welcome To Widgets

    Anyone know why when i run a network test my network services fail? Everything else passes. VOD works fine. Is it the network ports that are blocked maybe?
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    NFL Sunday Ticket

    Under my sports subs it shows: NFL SUNDAY TICKET SuperFan™ $33.00
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    Looks like 0x0221 is back in the stream

    Its the release that is discusd in the sticky about Tuesdays CE
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    HR21-ALL CE Release Tuesday 4/1 ONLY - No Joke

    Try this site DirecTV Receiver Firmware By the way 0x0221 is back in the stream right now.
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    Looks like 0x0221 is back in the stream

    I just manually downloaded 0x0221. I had the NR with some audio issues. Hope this fixes them.
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    HR21-ALL Software Rollout Version 0x0206

    My hr21-700 received a upgrade yesterday morning it is now at 0x206. I don't see any info on this version posted. Anybody get this or know what it is? On an unrelated not. I have had audio issues since the beginning with this receiver. The optical cable does not seem to plug in all the...
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    B Band converters

    I just ordered a new HR21 from ebay. Do the B band converters come in the box?
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    Upgradding but "moved"

    they wont give me a problem "moving" again. I first did it a long time ago. I did it online without even having to talk to anyone.
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    Upgradding but "moved"

    I have 2 HD Tivos that I want to upgrade to the H20. DTV offered to upgrade me for an acceptable price. The problem I am having is that I have "moved" and I cant get DTV to ship the receivers and dish to my billing address so I can do the install myself. My first question is if I "move" back...
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    NFL network in HD??

    nothing in the guide yet