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    Once you hear HD)) AM Or FM You will never go back to normal AM/FM

    I have both HD and Sirius Satellite radio in my car hooked up to a JVC-NX7000. And surprisingly enough I listen to the HD side more than I do Sirius... I hafta admit, the sound quality on HD radio is truely outstanding and blows away Sirius, as the sound quality on Sirius often sounds tinny and...
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    Uplink Activity 5-07-08 4:45PM EDT 2 changes

    Is there any reason why channel 812 MHC always goes in/out of free mode? I've always wondered why it does that.. I don't pay for the channel, but yet I notice it popping in/out of my guide every now and then...
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    RA Number?

    Thank you for the replies. One last question, Would you think it would be wise to put the RA number on the 622 I am returning back to them? When I was on the phone with the lady she kept on mentioning this number to give to me for the shipment of the 722. I don't want to confuse their...
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    RA Number?

    Hello all, Can someone please explain to me what a RA number is? To make a long story short: - Upgraded my existing Dish package to the DishHD/722 package. - Recieve my receiver today, and suprisingly enough, they send me a 622. (Thanks Dish!) - After my second call to Dish...
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    MLB: EI / RSN Blackout Question

    Hello everyone, I have a question in regards to the RSN's when you are a subscriber to the MLB: EI package. I ordered the MLB: EI package and am wondering how come these games are blacked out on the actual RSN channels? Does Dish not allow you to watch the games on the RSN channels even...
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    MLB: EI Package ... Trying to order!

    Garys, Thanks very much for the reply! I will try to order it around that time then..
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    MLB: EI Package ... Trying to order!

    Hey everyone! I am a new dish customer as of 2 months and I am trying to order the MLB: EI package. However, I am running into some problems.. Have any new customers been able to successfully order this package as of late? I have talked with three reps and all three say it is not available...
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    Uplink Activity for WED Mar 08 2006

    So wait, whats the deal here... Is Dish going to be offloading international programming on 121 or what? If so, why are they adding international programming to this satellite then?? :confused:
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    Sources : Mets Sportsnet NY Reaches Deal With DirecTV, How About Dish ?

    Sorry for bringing this back from the dead, but.. I was peaking thru Sportsnet NY's website and noticed that Dish is one of the providers listed under the "Get SNY" section of their website.. Possibly Dish is almost near agreement for this channel? Would be nice! Edit : Link...
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    Internationals Moving 2/23

    Does anyone have a possible timeline on when all the international channels will be gone from the 121 satellite? And, if I were to call Dish to talk to them about this and about possibly trying to schedule a 61.5 install would they even know what I'm talking about? We subscribe to the French...
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    Sources : Mets Sportsnet NY Reaches Deal With DirecTV, How About Dish ?

    Wait a second, Are you guys saying that those teams games are unavailable on Dishs MLB: EI package because Dish will not carry their local RSN? :( Guess I might need to think twice before ordering it this year. I thought you were still able to get the above teams with the MLB: EI package...
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    MLB Extra Innings

    Have any new customers been able to successfully order the MLB EI package so far? I called Dish today and made some other programming changes, which one of them was going to be to order the MLB EI package. However after the CSR tried to order it for me, he told me he that he could not enter...
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    sports channels on AT120 package

    Well that sorta stinks... oh well, glad there is still the MLB package! Thanks for the reply!
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    sports channels on AT120 package

    Not to bring this offtopic abit, but what about the superstations? Are the pro games blocked off these also? I am new to Dish, about 2 weeks into service. And I just recently just added the superstation pak to my normal programming hoping I could catch some baseball games that MLB extra...