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    Sling Adapter and HIC Questions

    Thanks! I meant Sling Adapter... the one that they are selling for $50 with the package.
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    Sling Adapter and HIC Questions

    I currently have a VIP622 and was going to just add a VIP211k to my system but it looks like the receiver is defective and I need to send it back. Rethinking things and might go with a Hopper system. Talked to 2 different Dish CSR and they didn't know the answers to my questions. 1.) I have...
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    Install of 2nd receiver - Issue

    I have a Dish 500 with a DPP44 switch and a single VIP622 receiver. There is one cable running from port 1 of the DP44 to the VIP622, using a DPP separator to the 2 tuners. Satellite 110 gets a signal strength of 72 and 119 gets signal strength of 61. I want to add a second receiver so I...
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    Looking for cheapest option with DVR

    I ended up going with the Welcome Pack. My total bill is now $20.99/mo.
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    Looking for cheapest option with DVR

    If I didn't use interactive features or pay per view is there still a monthly fee for not having a phone line connected? I am seriously considering disconnecting the phone line also.
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    Looking for cheapest option with DVR

    And would switching to one of these packages make me subject to the $5 HD enabling fee?
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    Looking for cheapest option with DVR

    Thanks for all of the info! On the Family and the Welcome packs... those are the SD versions of the channels or are any of them HD?
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    Looking for cheapest option with DVR

    I have been a customer for years, and currently have a VIP622 (leased) and am not under contract. I have one HD TV hooked up to the receiver and a standard definition TV on TV2. My current package is America's Top 120 with Free HD For Life, and HBO. I pay $44.99 + $16 for HBO and $6 DVR fee...
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    SWM / Diplexer question

    I currently have Dish Network with a DPP44 in the attic and a DPP Separator at the VIP622. I also have a diplexer at the receiver so I can run the signal for tuner 2 back up the same single cable to the attic, where there is another diplexer and a splitter that sends the tuner 2 signal to 3...
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    522 Error Code 06: Can't view event

    I have been having an issue with my 522 where some shows look like they recorded but when I try to access them I get a message "A problem was encountered when opening the files for this DVR event. Please note error code: 06" I unplugged my receiver and reset it to no avail. This seems to...
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    Help needed with Super Home Node and Agile Modulator Backfeed

    I have the same configuration as the diagram from the link below, except that I have a DP Twin connected to a DPP44 switch instead of the DPP Twin. I have analog Cable TV, just the Basic...
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    522 Receiver and Separator

    I previously had DirecTV with single tuner receivers. I just switched to Dish Network and my main receiver is a 522 (I plan to add others later.) Before I ordered, I called Dish representatives on a couple of occasions to ask questions about how the system would be wired. I did not want any...