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    HR34 CE Release 2/23

    Check here first:
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    Sunbeam Television Shuts Out DIRECTV NFL Fans in Miami in Attempt to Extract 300 Percent Pay Increas

    Is That Channel 392? If so, I can't get it. (I'm missing NBC, Channel 7 Boston like the rest of us too.)
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    CE for 1/13 Weekend

    HR34 is downloading 053D. My HR34 is new today.
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    HR2x / R22 CE Release 12/5 0X02AB

    For me the audio drop out (about 2-3 seconds) is on analog (Left-Right cables) directly to a Sony TV using Component In and the above audio. HR-20 and HR-22.
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    sonicview, 8000hd, editing, channels

    That's a password prompt. Put in 4 zeros.
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    NFL Sunday Ticket

    I tried it too but was not allowed to add to my account until I added my locals. I don't sub to my locals. I get those from Dish.
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    More additions

    "in a couple of weeks" was used often in the old VOOM SatelliteGuysUS forums. Maybe Dish borrowed the line from VOOM.:o
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    Buying the HD receiver on ebay

    DIRECTV Forum?
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    Cinemax for a penny?

    My programming is just locals and no other programming ($6 for that I think). I already have paperless and auto. I just did the Live Chat and added Cinemax. 1 cent until January 31, 2010.
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    How do you "move"?

    Just so you know, The Red Sox are on NESN (New England Sports Network) and the Boston HD Locals are CONUS on the Satellite at 61.5. At least for now. Your billing address can be different than your service address.
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    Incorrect sports blackouts? Post them here...

    How about Redskins Radio Channel 629, a rebroadcast from noon that same day of a sports radio show. It's blacked out for me at 4PM on Comcast (Mid-Atlantic). It's not even a GAME. It's also why I cancelled my Sports Pack sub.
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    What's the minimum programming, NON -HD with locals

    What's the minimum programming, NON -HD with locals that I can get. I still have an old original 501 that I would like to activate to get just locals. They are SD anyway. I don't really need any other programming. I left Dish last Summer but I miss getting local weather reports. OTA is not...
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    How to back up/burn content from receiver

    I would suggest a different way than the others. Just hook up a stand alone DVD Recorder (like you said) using Video (S-Video or Composite) and L/R audio. Make sure the output of the HD receiver is on 480i and burn away. I use a Sony RDR-HX900. I've been doing that for a long time and the...
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    House bill aims to curb indecent TV programs

    I haven't seen this here as yet. Lawmakers introduced a bill on Thursday aimed at protecting children from indecent television programs by forcing cable and satellite providers to offer a modified form of la carte programming or make other changes in the way they operate. Democratic Rep. Dan...