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    Fear the Walking Dead (Walking Dead spin-off)

    I remember an interview with one of the producers or perhaps Kirkman stating we would see how this all started at the beginning. I thought this meant the actual cause and some science behind it. So far I'm pretty disappointed in the show, a bunch of moody people making poor decisions, like a...
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    The Walking Dead on AMC

    That's because Beth was weak and not very smart, every time she said I get it now, she was wrong. She only made it this far because others carried her. The weak will die off. Not everyone can go out heroically. Some go out stupidly like Beth, she was emotional at the end and paid for a stupid...
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    The Blacklist

    I like the overall story idea, there are some interesting things, but it seems there are way too many unrealistic things going on. Reddington seems to have more knowledge and resources than all the worlds governments together.
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    The Blacklist

    That's the interesting part of this show, the rest is getting silly. Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    The Walking Dead on AMC

    That's not a fair comparison. AMC is basic cable so nearly everyone gets it, hbo is premium and has a limited audience. So the number of legal viewers will never be the same. Quality wise they are not even comparable. GoT quality is vastly superior to WD. WD is cheesy in comparison. WD is better...
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    True Detective on HBO

    I believe the idea is to have each season be a new case and new actors. So they would get two new top quality people to solve a case completely unrelated to this. Pick two people you'd like to see work together and imagine that for next year. Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    Hbo ,Starz,Showtime has declined by 6 % over an 18month period-Netflix,Huluplus,Amazon to blame

    For me hbo and starz are worth the price, you get great original programming plus many HD channels of content. They are worth the $15 per. Netflix even at only $9 feels over priced. It should be 4 or 5 dollars. They slow bandwidth and eat up my GBs and don't have nearly the content that the...
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    NFL Sunday Ticket 2013

    I called to cancel my regular ST leftover from last year. All they offered was 6 months at $30. Cancel went through. Thought they would do something more for a loyal customer of over 7 years. oh well 8 months left on contract.
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    Do we get a whole new setup every two years?

    Great, thanks. That makes sense.
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    Do we get a whole new setup every two years?

    I had a technician here last week to realign my satellite. And he told every two years they would replace all of my equipment for free. I have never heard this to be the case before. I've heard you have to call and haggle when your contract is up. The way he made it sound is that the equipment...
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    Genie and two C31 or keep 2 HR21-100?

    I have two HDDVRs, when I called about my signal they offered a genie for $99 it also will cost $49 to install. I turned them down, not sure that another $150 is worth the upgrade since I have the ability to record 4 programs now. If I added the genie, could I use the 3 dvrs to watch each...
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    Two cable required for DVR?

    I already have DVR and HD on my system. The DVR is in two rooms. Each of these rooms have 2 cables coming in to the sets. I am getting a new roommate and he would like a DVR in his room but there is only one cable in there. Can the DVR work on one cable or are two required? Same question...
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    Directv DVR problems

    Recently my dvr has not been playing back programs fully. I start watching a program and after a while I get a black screen and it goes to regular tv. I try fast forwarding past that art but it still stops there. I'd say now it is occuring on about 1/3 of the programs I watch. Is this common...
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    Comedy channel scheduled to come in HD any time soon?

    Not sure where to even look for upcoming stuff like this. Just curious.
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    What's the best way to take advantage of new subscriber deals?

    ok, so just call up and ask if they have any deals for a me (who's contract is up)? Do I ask for retention? Is that the name of the department?