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    Difference between RG6 and RG6U

    I did a search for this, but I couldn't find the answer. What is the difference between RG6 and RG6U?
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    D0's & Dont's of eBay Selling

    Be prepared to get to get lots of hacker type questions. I just ignore these types of questions because I don't know the answers anways, but beware that you will get them. There's a reason why the old 6000 fetches such a premium on ebay, and it's because it's a favorite with the pirates.
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    Any Word On Setanta Sport??

    I could be wrong but I think Setanta has a pub channel that's different than the Setanta that you can get at home. I believe they call it Setanta Premium. Either way, I'd love to have the channel available through Dish.
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    What is the best way to test your system?

    It kind of sounds like a receiver problem - maybe the tuner on the receiver is going. If you have a Dish Network receiver or know someone that does you can hook it up to see if you can get a signal on the satellite aiming screen.
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    Illegal? Has something changed?

    I think the confusion lies in the fact that this issue has flip-flopped over years and has undergone numerous appeals. The latest decision came in late 2004 the courts ruled that it was legal to subscribe to U.S. satellite services because not being able to would infringe on the Canadian...
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    Illegal? Has something changed?

    Iceberg, I don't think it's an issue of selling the equipment to a U.S. resident. Expressvu or Starchoice is not supposed to knowingly allow a U.S. resident to subscribe to the service. In the last year or two, things have changed when buying equipment. When you purchase Expressvu equipment...
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    Cricket - Where can I get the most?

    Looking at CBN's schedule, that might be the best option by far. They seem to have the Canadian rights for a good portion of the cricket out there.
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    How do you pronounce DiSEqC?

    Die-seck it is then. :)
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    Difference between Satellite and Channel lists

    Thanks for the replies. For example, if I look at the Loader app there are three fields, each for a unique file: Bin, Channel list, and Satellite and TP. It was seeing this that prompted me to ask the question because the app seems to indicate that there is a difference between the two files.
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    Difference between Satellite and Channel lists

    I've been doing a lot of reading on this board and want to starting playing with FTA, however, there are a few things that I can't find the answers to. One topic is the use of Satellite and Channel lists. I've read Iceberg's thread about Channelmaster and he seems to indicate that Channels...
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    How do you pronounce DiSEqC?

    I've wondered this but never found an answer. Does anybody know the proper pronunciation?
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    Cricket - Where can I get the most?

    Thanks for the feedback. Since making that post I've been reading some old posts and it seems that there's a lot of cricket on one of the Canadian providers as well, so I guess that would be an option, if I can figure out what package he would need.
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    Cricket - Where can I get the most?

    I have a friend that's a huge cricket fan and he's asked me to advise him on the best route to get the most cricket. I noticed that Dish Network has cricket on PPV regularly, and I assume that Directv has the same (correct me if I'm wrong), but are there any other subscription channels that...
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    Viewsat Extreme Info?

    I was just going to ask about the Xtreme as well, but I guess it's really new. I was thinking of getting a Viewsat Platinum, but now that the Xtreme is out I was hoping someone could offer an opinion whether it's worth the extra money.
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    What is EV's policy on used receivers?

    ... and they'll probably try to charge you $25 as a receiver transfer fee.