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    Channels still out in 28501 area code

    Do dish knows when cahannel 038, and channel 048, will be back on they have been off since hurricane Florence in September. I understand its not there fault. I was thinking they would be in contact with them. The area code for these channel is 28501.
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    lost local channel

    just lost all my local channels in the Greenville n.c., area hope there is not another fee fight. Had them at the beginning of this morning. Look like I lost them around maybe 10a.m.
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    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    espn and dish I know its been ask but how much longer before deal
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    Is 72 up? (Signal Restored to Eastern Arc)

    signal lost last nite and this morning 4:00am loses signal for no reason no clouds or storm in kinston, nc
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    CONTEST: Guess when VIACOM Returns to DIRECTV

    My guess is that the Viacom Channels will return on july,24 at 6:ooam
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    I can stay connected when away
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    I would like to know if the channel. 371 (ctrc) has always been there or is this a new channel
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    BET HD is on now.. channel 124

    how do you change a channel to 101 I am new so work with me
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    Changes to some Locals for 1/1/09

    what will happen to my locals that directv supose to launchfor me in jan 2009. that is the geenville,washington,new bern area in north carolina
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    Dish HD Locals Update

    local hdtv Directv better tighten up on the local hd channel in the greenville, north carolina viewing area. people just might be jumping ship just to get there local hd channel from dish.
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    If you are having trouble...

    I have a H20-100 and downloaded the CE 0X4034 and now my reciever is resetting and channel 480 and 481 says test channel and 490 -496 are test channel but in the guide it says to be announced. and should ibe 9300 and 9301 to. if this is the wrong place to post this let me know. thanks this is...
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    If you are having trouble...

    I have H20 100 0X204C i AM KNEW AT THIS I AM NOT GETTING 9300 9301 AND 492,493.494,496 ARE NOT SAY TEST CHANNEL IN GUIDE IT SAY TO BE ANNOUNCED. DON'T HAVE 497,498,499
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    DirecTV 10 Signal Reading Thread(Transponders are Hot!)

    103b I am getting 0"s satellite 103b but I am getting reading on 103a and here they are 0 74 0 0 0 67