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    I would also suggest making sure that you are set up for paperless so no mail is sent to the wrong address.
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    Searchkeys words.

    What's the difference with these two? I think I did the skip one and love it.
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    New D* installation a success....

    I'll try to be patient and give it some more time. It's been two days but maybe it'll appear soon.
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    New D* installation a success....

    That's the size I was going to get but there was such a large price difference between 750 GB and 1 TB that I changed my mind.
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    New D* installation a success....

    Well, after my decision to switch from E* to D*, I had my installation and I'd like to report that I am a happy camper! The guy showed up an hour early at 11:00 AM for an afternoon install. He called from the driveway to see if I was available and I most certainly was. He knew his stuff and 2...
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    I got the HD DVR price drop today

    My advantage was that I was a previous D* customer who had switched over to E* a couple of years ago. The negotiation was to my advantage because they wanted to get my business back.
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    Directv $20 off for 12 months

    I received an offer in the mail as a previous customer. It was honored today on the phone but I had to ask for it. It reads as follows: SAVE $220 on our most popular programming packages [CHOICE package and above. Price reflected includes two $10 bill credits per month: one for 12...
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    I got the HD DVR price drop today

    Yep. She confirmed right away that the price would drop on the 10th and didn't hesitate at all to apply the credit. She was very nice and also knowledgable. I even had fun joking around with her while she got me set up.
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    I got the HD DVR price drop today

    Thanks! I went with the HD DVR Plus package, I believe is what it's called. I also added the extra HD only channels but skipped the sports. I'm excited and looking forward to playing with it Tuesday night.:hungry:
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    I got the HD DVR price drop today

    I called DirecTV today about switching back from E* and worked out the following deal at first: $100 Instant Hardware rebate (HD DVR, HD RCVR & SD RCVR) Free HBO, Starz & Showtime for 3 Months Free 3 Room Installation Free Extra HD for 3 Months $10 off per month for 12 Months Another $10...
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    Hdvod Is Awsome!

    It's funny to me that I used to be afraid they'd change MPEG2 to MPEG4. Now I'm anxious for them to do it.
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    Possible HD-DVR price drop

    I only see it saying $10 off for 12 months. Am I missing something? I'm confused as to whether it's worth waiting until 1/10. I'm switching from E* and want the HD DVR, an HD receiver and an SD DVR with a large HD package without the sports.
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    Thinking about signing up for DirecTV?

    I was just about ready to pull the trigger and switch from E*. Now I guess I should wait.
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    Comments Needed: DishONLINE Reviews

    I'll join in with being underwhelmed by the content at this point. After browsing through the available library, I ended up with nothing to even tempt me to try this out. It's going to take some HD content and much better SD offerings to get me involved financially and timewise. I was surprised...
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    Trade hd PPV for national hd

    Where are the HDPPV channels located?