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    Fortec Pin Code

    try 1668
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    WNGS takes hiatus

    The RTV WGRZ 2-3 Digitial channel is stretched SD. Looks like crap.
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    Review of the BSC621 LNBF

    ... only to inform Mr. zaxxon if he has the hh180 - how much of a turd that motor is for structural reliability.
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    Review of the BSC621 LNBF

    what HH motor did you use for your 6 foot dish?
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    Why TWC gets me mad

    Niagara County TW: Surf & View : $94.95 HD equipment $7.33 Showtime $12.95 Digital HD Tier: $5.00 HD DVR: $7.09 DVR Service Charge: $6.95 1 add'l outlet box charge: $2.00 1 add'l remote: $0.24 Taxes etc Total is $142.09 and I have the "mid-grade" Internet. WHen I called...
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    Birdview 2028 and equipment available in Buffalo, NY area

    If it doesnt work out, let me know. I'm in Niagara County.
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    Time Warner to add 50 HD channels on April 30, plans to offer 100 by end of the year.

    I went to and it didn't say anything about any 50 HD channels. Just the same ones that we get here in Western NY. FIOS is coming here soon. TW will have decent competition (other than the dish guys...)
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    New KCBU content...

    I noticed the KCBU programming change a few weeks ago, and see It Takes a Thief is on Sat & Sun at 4pm EDT. Great. Last couple weeks, it's on. I remember watching this one as a teenager. This weekend, WTF is this - some hair gel commercial???
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    Galaxy 25 Troubles

    Whats the Chieta switch for, if you have 1 dish and 1 receiver? I bought one of those "high quality Chieta" switches - it lasted exactly 20 seconds before it burned up. Take the switch out of the lines - go directly from reciever (thru motor) to LNBF. See how that acts for you.
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    LASIK to be able to do

    I had lasik a few years ago. It did not work out so well. Local doctor that has done 1000's of sucessful operations. As stated in a previous post, everyone is different and will react in their own way. That is really how it goes. You can hope that past cases predict the outcome, but...
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    Jaeger SMR-1224 EL Group Buy?

    my company has a manufacturing plant in Germany. I'll have one of the guys there find out what the scoop is. Anybody notice how much this thing physically weighs?
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    Jaeger SMR-1224 EL Group Buy?

    I was only re-quoting from the posts here Upon Google search, the price from the German site I looked at was 116E, or via online converter - $176 US dollars. It did not include any shipping.
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    Jaeger SMR-1224 EL Group Buy?

    Price for the SMR-1224 will be around $285 plus around $25 for S/H wow so much for discount via group buy...
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    Jaeger SMR-1224 EL Group Buy?

    (I'll post this here and over at the other site... ) How much weight will this motor handle? My H180 is in the trash bin because it broke in half, could not hold up a 6 foot dish. This thing looks very similar, I'd hate to spend the money and find my dish on the ground...
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    bsc-621 ib new 10 footer

    many seem to dis the 621 LNBF, I have (well had one, the H180 motor broke in half and failed... ) on my 6 foot prime focus dish. It worked OK for both C and Ku. I peaked for Ku and let C band end up where it did. One thing, if you're using DSR920 or 922 is set the Ku to "rotated 90...