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    Just Ordered Cox HD DVR

    Any chance that the Cox HDDVR box can be used to tune and record OTAHD? If not by itself, maybe hooked up to another OTA reciever (hoping my Voom box will still get OTA)?
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    Movies Voom introduced you to.

    "The Hills Have Eyes" was the biggest gem. I had always wanted to see it, but could never find it on DVD in a video store (it may not be out on DVD). As mentioned above, "French Twist" and "Vampire Lovers" were good. Also "Asylum", "Lifeforce", "Bubba Ho-Tep", "Swordsman", and "Chinese Ghost...
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    What I'll miss about Voom (mourning thread)

    I want to start a thread for us to say some last words regarding the passing of Voom. Like many of my friends, Voom was an unreliable looser, but was very entertaining and fun to hang out with. In the beginning of our relationship, I was stood up many times and became very frustrated with the...
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    Nissan Z-Cars on Wealth HD

    No fair. I don't get Wealth because I don't have Va Va Voom. I need the extra money to buy car parts. I am a Z-car enthusiast, and have a tape of the show from the history channel. Please tell me it's the same one so I don't feel like I'm missing out. It has Mr K (old Japanese dude, father of...
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    They do. Its channel 110, Divine :rainbow
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    What I would Do If I Were In Charge

    I agree that we need less movie channels, but we need to keep Ultra for my girlfriend. Rush could be combined with the sports channel. Rave should show more concert DVD type movies and MTV type videos. Equator should just be a documentary channel combined with 104. Animania needs more content. I...
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    Promises promises

    I love Voom. However, I've had terrible experiences trying to get service. My summer of Voom consisted of many Saturdays waiting for an installer who never showed up. I had to order a cancellation to trick someone into showing up to get it fixed. I wish Voom would be more pro-active about making...
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    DVR as X-mas gift for Dish user?

    Thanks for all the help guys. I've decided that the easiest, foolproof gift will be what StevenD did. I'll just put some credit on dad's account, and then he can decide which DVR to get or just use it for his bill.
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    DVR as X-mas gift for Dish user?

    My dad has a Dish system, and has told me that he wished he had gotten the DVR with it. I assume that he got whatever free equipment is offered to new subscribers. I was thinking about getting him a new 510 DVR from Ebay for his X-mas gift, but am not sure if it would work out for him. 1.)...
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    OTA - Proving to Installs/Voom that is not always right

    Good work patvr. I've given up on getting help from Voom and am going to try my own OTA antenna upgrade. Based on other research, your setup also looks like a good choice for me. Could you (or anyone else) help me figure out how to do it: 1.) The description on the Winegard HD7084P says its...
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    What's the Scoop on The EPG Today?

    I've had the same experience trying to watch "Live Nude Girls". I'm beginning to think this is a conspiracy to make people watch crappy documentaries. I wonder if an actual movie with this title even exists. I think "Live Nude Girls" would be a good name for a band to trick people into paying a...
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    Free Showtime Preiview this weekend

    Looks like I'm the first one to post this. Free showtime 11/5 - 11-7.
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    where's our skin at?

    Yea, you're right. But, its my girlfriend who actually flips to the fashion shows. Fortunately I don't mind watching them as much as she hates watching car shows with me.
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    where's our skin at?

    Actually we have some pretty good shows if you know where to look. I surf alot, and seem to have pretty good luck finding the right scenes. I like the see through blouses the models wear on Ultra. I've even seen full breast exposure once when a model's blouse opened, and she didn't notice. "The...
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    [REQUEST] Boondock Saints and Reservoir Dogs

    That is likely to happen. I've seen Resevoir Dogs on IFC. Other movies on IFC have end up on Voom eventually. I can't remember what they were. Or maybe they ended up on UPN Friday night HD movie. Does anybody else know of IFC movies that have appeared on Voom or other HD channels?