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    LNBF - C/Ku band recommendations

    Been very happy so far with the Geosat Pro CK-1
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    Clamp / Incline bracket FOR 1 meter offset Winegard

    I must say in all the dishes I owned,Winegard is by far the best I 've ever had,,,It's American made,great quality,and rock solid By far,,,the best quality,therefore will outlast many other dishes Cheers,,,
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    Openbox S10 For Sale On Fleabay?

    I do not know about the openbox s 10,since I have the s 9,,,but defenitely cannot compare to yr Azbox,,,,,personally I think the S 9 is a great box for FTA,,,and a great value,,,,of course as mentioned it is not comparable to the Azbox It really depends for what use you want to put it,,,I know...
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    Clamp / Incline bracket FOR 1 meter offset Winegard

    Tks Anole,,,actually,,Winegard came though,,,They contacted me and said usually they do not sell parts to particulars but they were willing to do an exception,,, I was knocked off of my seat when they told me that !!!! Great customer service they have !!!!!!They will even ship to Canada ...
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    Went to the Uplink Center Today.

    Pretty incredible and beautiful !!! Tks for the pics Scott !!! Would love to see that live !! Cheers,,
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    Clamp / Incline bracket FOR 1 meter offset Winegard

    Thanks folks,,,I checked with Winegard and they referred me to a retailer who I contacted and could not help me,,,,I got in touch with WSI,,,,am awaiting their feedbacks,,,,Tks guys,,,
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    Clamp / Incline bracket FOR 1 meter offset Winegard

    Would appreciate if anyone knows where I could buy the clamp / incline bracket as per pic above Cheers,,
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    openbox dish mover?

    You can use a V-Box or G-Box positioner,,,you can find some fairly cheap,,,,
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    Openbox S9 HD firmware issue

    I think I have learned my lesson,,,when folks tells you " if it works fine don't mess with it",,,,, Won't do that mistake again ! Tks you all !!! Cheers,,
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    Openbox S9 HD firmware issue

    Many Tks brex2001 !!! Much appreciated !! Cheers,,,
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    Openbox S9 HD firmware issue

    Tks Billyboy,,,,my problem though is that I did not save or dump the file first,, and do not have another openbox to copy from,,
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    Openbox S9 HD firmware issue

    Good God,,,exactly same thing happened to me,,but I never backed up the original,,,,any chances for someone to send me the good firmware for the Openbox,,,,,,I copied mine from Sadoun and nothing works,,,, Tks a mil !! Cheers,,
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    New FTA service with 20 english channels

    This is really getting me curious,,,,,,,,,,,,, Cheers you all......
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    Your G-19 Signal Report is Needed

    Quebec city,Quebec,Canada 4 ft Fortec / Invacom quad / VS Ultra Current Conditions – Clear skies 11789 V 28125 - SQ: 87% 11836 V 20765 - SQ: 69% 11842 H 22000 - SQ: 78% 11867 V 22000 - SQ: 63% 11874 H 22000 - SQ: 79% 11936 H 20000 - SQ: 83% 11966 H 22000 - SQ: 75% 12053 V 22000 -...
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    Painting an antenna

    I used Tremclad for both my 4 ft and my Bud,,,with good results Make sure it is flat though Cheers,,,