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    What we are hearing...

    good news.
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    CW added in HD for 6 more major markets

    Questioner - well?
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    Why is Direct Tv so expensive ?

    As a matter of fact, for the past 2 years, D* has been bragging about raising the credit standings of its customers, and shutting off the marginal credit, late payers etc. This has resulted in lower churn in the current market conditions, and higher average dollars per sub. It may not be the...
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    All Celtics Home Games in HD

    Questiona = TVBob. BUSTED. Same Guy.
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    72.7 comes into the picture. Another 8-K filiing

    Just what all the DISH subs want - another dish on the roof.
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    Strange Channels with CE

    Can I ask why you have had to do so many reboots? Are you having problems with the unit?
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    I am leaving dish

    Thank goodness DIRECTV added about 70 HD channels BEFORE the price increase.
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    Sea Launch has successful launch...

    Good idea, they certainly need it more right now.
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    All Celtics Home Games in HD

    Well, glad I didn't make a prediction, I would have been wrong again. What is the matter with the Celtics?
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    I hate these new HD packages!

    Something tells me that VOOM will be losing a large share of its sub base. But I am not shocked by that really.
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    All Celtics Home Games in HD

    My bad! Anyhow next HD game on CSN NE is Monday against Washington Wizards! (no prediction this time :) )
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    No CE's this weekend

    Why are you the one that seems to be in fights with just about everybody?
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    Dish Network 2008 CES Press Conference Discussion

    I also hope you are correct - but I don't understand why they are acting so quiet. They have to be taking phone calls daily asking when there will be more new channels added. They are also losing customers every day over this - I am not saying 1 or 100 or 1,000 or even 10,000. But they are...
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    All Celtics Home Games in HD

    Tomorrow is Charlotte vs Boston. 7:30pm on CSN NE. Should be a Celtics romp.