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    Finally Voom on west coast on 129

    Hi, I live in Portland and have been waiting for Dish to have Voom available to the west coast. So does having Voom on the 129 satellite mean that if I get dish i will only need one satellite on my house to get both regular programming and HD programming? And if it only requires one...
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    Dish Customer thinking about Comcast has all of the ppv stuff. And OnDemand isn't worth it unless you have the premium movie channels.
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    Dish Network lack of ABC and NBC HD programming

    It is $5 for the HD box, sorry. So it would be $12.10 for locals. I live in Portland, OR and have the lowest digital package with HD. Before I bought it I called Comcast many times to see if I could get HD with just basic cable (which is what I had at the time) and they said you would only...
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    Dish Network lack of ABC and NBC HD programming

    If you have cable internet, you can just subscribe to their limited basic for $12.10 and HD for $5, then you get $10 off your bill for subscribing to cable and internet. So you get all your locals for only $7.10. Its a great deal, but you only get local HD channels no ESPN,INHD, or DHD. This...
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    HD Only

    I remember a post saying that you can order a HD ONLY package, but I can't find the link anymore. Does anyone know the link? Thanks.
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    Rumors Heard from an Installer

    I live in Portland, OR one of the most high tech areas in the country and comcast still doesn't have a deal with CBS and I don't have TNTHD yet. At least i have the 6412, thats the only good thing i can say. I don't get why comcast is so area specific and it makes me mad. Posting this made me...
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    NO Stereo Signal in Oregon?

    I have the same problem with FSNW. Don't know whats up with it.
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    PS3 Announced 1080P output!!!!!

    Is there even a tv out there that can support 1080P?
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    Comcast HD

    I have had Comcast HD for a while now and ever since I got it I have had some questions. 1. Whenever there is a lot of motion on my TV pixelization occurs temporarily, does anyone else experience this? 2. Is there a way to check my signal strength? I have gone into the cable box setup and...
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    What is Worldsport HD's website

    I want to check what they are showing for the next month. If someone could tell me the website I would appriciate it. :)
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    2nd satellite

    Do you think that once the 2nd satellite goes up in october (assuming there will be a lot more channels) there will be maby 3 or 4 channel lineups to choose from? I hope they do becaue I mainly want more sports without having to sign up for other channels I don't want.
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    VOOM in Portland, Oregon Area

    reception I was wondering how everyones reception has been for the past couple of days since it has been off and on rain and overcast most of the time. I am going to get voom by the 31st, but I wanna know how easy Voom gets rain fade here in Portland.
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    VOOM in Portland, Oregon Area

    In this picture North is strait up from the point of where the lines connect. The line with a number 1 is about where a person a couple houses down from me has a dish network satellite. Do you guys think that the voom satellite will be located pointing where 2, 3, or 4 is? Thanks.