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    AZBOX Upgrade

    My upgrade from AzBox Premium Plus was the Vu+ Duo2.... The big upgrade is Enigma2 operating system, incredibly fast processor and 4 tuners instead of just 2 in the AzBox and it can record up to 16 channels at one time. Be aware you will be buying from Europe but it only took about 2 weeks...
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    ASC1 not loading satellite list that has the position from the 1.6 loader

    Here's my CSV satellite file that I know works as I just reloaded it a couple of days ago doing the 1.6 to 1.8 editor upgrade. You may try this just to see if your satellite file is corrupted on the off chance. It is zipped to ease upload. === Bill
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    ASC1 not loading satellite list that has the position from the 1.6 loader

    Did you do a Global Reset then power off for 30 seconds then power on after loading your update? Also... Do you get an error message from the editor? === Bill
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    12 Foot Vs 10 Foot Dishes...

    SGS... Regarding a 10 vs 12 footer. One thing to keep in mind is the mathematic reality that a larger dish has a narrower bandwidth. What this means in practical terms is a 12 footer will need to track the arc more accurately than a 10 footer. If you want to use the bigger dish for Ku also...
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    Does the Amiko A3.........

    Vu+ Duo2 keeps time using NTP server queries, too. === Bill
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    Bug Reports

    Link to request What's Up There Access points to old software. === Bill
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    No beach cam anymore?

    I have already deleted MS10 and MS20. === Bill
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    Discussion: Who is Interested in a C-band or Large Dish Purchase? Build and Cost?

    I saw the same response Brian. I really wanted a 10 footer and anxiously waited for Mike Kohl to resurrect the SAMI but saw health and other problems caused issues for him. I actually ended up buying a commercial DH spun aluminum dish new for an eye popping and wife hating price. I replaced a...
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    Titanium Satellite site down?

    Congratulations, Brian. Nice to see your success in this hobby! === Bill
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    Dishpointer App for Android Tablet??

    Satellite AR works on Android phones and tablets. I use it on a Samsung S4 and a Nexus 10 tablet.. Best free app out there === Bill
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    New to FTA...Very much a hobby!!! It is like fishing!

    Ham Nerd... If you have an Android phone or tablet then download the app "Satellite AR". It is free and you can put in the satellite (or even all visible) and the virtual reality app will use the camera to show exactly where in the sky the birds are at. There is most likely an iPhone version...
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    95W on an 18'' dish

    Duct Tape! Is there anything it can't do??!!? Great use there Mr. Iceberg! :) === Bill
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    Review of Manhattan RS-1933

    The Manhattan with an AzBox Premium plus was my starter system that let me get just about everything up there using a motorized 1.2m ku and 10 foot c band dish. I then added three fixed Ku dishes and a new Enigma2 receiver and a Pansat 9500 and an Amiko Nano. I really wanted to use the...
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    10-foot Mesh Antennas Available

    Where in Florida are they? === Bill
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    So which of you is this?

    Epic! I pissed my HOA by putting a GeoSat Pro dish in my front yard and invoked the OTARD rule to get them to back off... But this is over the top cool. My Nerd-O-Meter is maxed. Well done... well done! === Bill