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    New Receiver, Leasing Fee ?

    If it is the only receiver on your account there is no fee. The 4.99 fee only applies to receivers above and beyond the first one. As far as owned or leased goes the extra receiver fee is the same.
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    What were missing

    More than a most of them.
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    96% signal strength but not all HD channels,...

    not getting: 202, 207, 212,... 210 & 211 but it says 'to be announced' not 771 though,... no 217, 229 The channels listed above, excluding 210&211, are beamed from the 103(c) sat. on even transponders, and since you have all 0's, no channels. 210&211 are on the 101 sat. I agree with...
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    Zinwell 6X16 Multi Problems

    According to Zinwell the WB 6x16 is cascadable.
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    Re-establish Service

    Did you read his post? He said he bought out his contract, no late payments, and left in good standing, so why would you say D* may not take him back.:confused::confused:
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    Samsung SIR-TS360 not displaying HD

    Tweeter loaned me one of these boxes years ago when my Sony SAT HD 100 was out for repairs. It was a good box in its time.
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    Samsung SIR-TS360 not displaying HD

    That is an old box which is not capable of decoding MPEG4 signals. It will only be good for SD and OTA reception. There are only a few MPEG2 HD channels still in the 70's that will be going away soon.
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    Okay, so when will Darth Malone spend $1 billion a year on movie premiums and nat?

    Plus, I'm sure D* brings in alot of new subs every year because of Sunday Ticket. Not to many viewers are going to switch providers just for more movie channels.
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    Adapters and Wall Plates

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    Neighbor taking satellite signal??

    But, as an installer who also does phone work..............until some service problem arises the rest of the world operates on the principle that wire is wire. If your rig is working what more is necessary. Have DTV note the account & move on. Good luck on having D* notate anything on your...
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    Neighbor taking satellite signal??

    I agree 100%, disconnect the lines and let your neighbor deal with the problem to get the issue resolved. If it would have been me, those lines would have been removed immediately. It's not the OP's responsibility to resolve this issue.
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    swap out AT9 for AU9-SL3-SWM

    You can re-use the mast and mounting foot, but everything else would have to be replaced.
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    Full Screen

    The stretch setting is used to stretch a 4:3 aspect ratio ( SD broadcast) to a 16:9 aspect ratio filling the entire screen of your TV. If it is a true HD broadcast it will automatically fill your entire screen.
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    DirecTV Scam

    I would just love to hear what a Judge would have to say about this.
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    Pole mount - custom installation????

    The Dish Network pole I dealt with was 1 5/8" O.D.