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    Directv client

    Can you set up a client to operate in the ir mode is it faster to respond that way or ir or rf don't matter I guess I'm. Wondering if either one is faster at excepting commands
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    SiriusXM Internet Radio

    anyone having the same problem let me know i have a stiletto and my internet channels don't match up hair nation is 39 but its 48 on my radio anyone know of a fix
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    New HD GUI

    what time every nite
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    New HD GUI

    Anyone getting the new guide in chicago yet i'm in mokena
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    HR20-700 slow

    you have a new hr24 how much faster r they and anything different from the hr20 my hr20 is slooow and i hate it thought alot about going to dish for there great dvr but like the channels with direct so is it worth gettin a new hr24 i was thinkin about it
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    when r we gettin more hd i am seeing amc in small letters on my guide is this normal i don't remember that at all all my other channels are in caps maybe we are getting it in hd and i would like amc, e, more movie channels in hd ,lmn...
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    when r we gettin more hd

    i said in the question when and r we getting any more directv told me yesterday that all the channels are basically up i don't think he has directv at home because we r missing a ton does anybody know when or heard anything
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    Which channels you like to see added on DirecTV one day?

    directv channels any word or update on the new sat. up there when should we see something
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    HDNet and HDNet Movies now available On Demand

    on demand hbo and max would be great but what about cbs abc and nbc like comcast that would be great
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    HDTV Channels Currently NOT carried by DirecTV

    HD capacity of a satellite I can't believe that direct can spend millions or anyone on a satellite and only get 50 or 60 HD channels on it that seems like an awful waste of money.
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    missing channel

    anybody not getting the country video channel 325 it says pre-empted
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    Question about local channels

    locals in chicago wbbm 2 Need to know if anyone else has the same problem. It seems it is every time i watch chan. 2 hd that the picture pixilates. I hate this, its on mondays my favorite nite for the tv, it pixilates like i'm using my antenna but it is coming from dtv. Let me know if anyone...
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    New XM Lineup

    xm sirius channels to anyone i have sirius and all i really want is boneyard will sirius be getting it. i see xm is getting my favorite channel hairnation
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    directv hd dvr

    has anyone called directv and got a good price on a hd dvr. i called and was told $99 then transfered and was told 299. i have one hr20 and 3 h20 and a 1 reg box and want to swap the reg. one for another hr20. i can get one from costco for 260 but wondering if anyone has gotten one from direct...
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    Hr20 Hddvr How To Record

    it says in the manual that u can record three shows at once or record 2 and watch 1 or any combo if record one show at 7 pm and try to record another at 7 pm it won't let me need help the directions are not good at all