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  1. damaged


    If you really want to see it, I'll bet resetting the STB will do it, otherwise, what charper said.
  2. damaged

    Losing 101 again

    And since noone mentioned it, check all cables and connections.
  3. damaged

    Losing 101 again

    What raoul said, make sure the stingers are long enough, if you have an area where the cable is stretched, sometimes heat wil make the insulation soft enough for the cable to get [stretched out] longer, but the stinger stays the same size, so the stinger doesn't contact properly until it cools...
  4. damaged

    What's the deal with D* guide ads?

    Those people are most of the reason why this world is as bad as it is, too many don't care, too many like being doormats.
  5. damaged

    Bare Minimum

    I'll add to the pile-on, losing signal that much is not normal, it sounds like you have water intrusion.
  6. damaged

    DVR Alert: Southpark in HD on The 101

    I know, it's still digital cardboard, there still isn't any kind of details (that HD is known for) that would make it worth seeing in HD, IMHO. ;)
  7. damaged

    DVR Alert: Southpark in HD on The 101

    Cardboard cut-outs in HD?!? Why? So real you can see the corrugation!
  8. damaged

    Interactive Commercials

    You win this thread.
  9. damaged

    What info does dtv need?

    Why? D* CSRs know less about their product than most people here.
  10. damaged


    They used to be Gold Sponsers on here, used to be...
  11. damaged


    Without showing us the headers (minus your personal email info), it's rather hard to say, but I'm with the last poster.
  12. damaged

    DirecTV Activation

    Noone will be able to crack that code!
  13. damaged

    Phone Line Status

    Have you tried using a wired connection to the unit, then run the test, at least you can eliminate that as the problem, since if it works wired, you know it's a wireless jack issue (not a D* issue), if it fails, it's a defective unit, in that case, D* should replace it free (if leased or covered...
  14. damaged

    camping with sat.

    For a second I thought that said lactation. :)
  15. damaged

    Instant Messaging

    QFT To the OP: besides, do you REALLY want to have conversations with these people? ;) kidding
  16. damaged

    Instant Messaging

    If this were to come about, it would likely be done through Game Lounge, as it provides a authorization scheme, they have the technology, but I don't think they would manage the execution, as they would have to provide methods to prevent abuse (spammers would have a field day, including the spam...
  17. damaged

    camping with sat.

    The single LNB (round) is fine, aim it at the 101, if you camp outside your local spotbeams, you probably won't get some(or all) of your locals.
  18. damaged

    Trouble Getting Signal

    Just to add to what iwc5893 said, with a triple LNB a good trick is to cover the 119 and 110 LNBs with some foil (it helps to make sure you have the right sat, on the right lnb, to me, it appears from the OP it sounds like you might have been hitting the wrong sat(*) (or worst case (read...
  19. damaged

    Song Name Game...

    Open Arms - Journey Jeez, this thread's still alive?
  20. damaged

    How to get an additional $240 off as a new DirecTV customer

    Sounds good, just be warned, usually when things like this are posted here (or any popular site like this), D* takes notice (there are D* moles) and may make changes to their policy, in the above scenario, there is another possible caveat, they MAY try and renew/extend your commitment, so watch...
  21. damaged

    Compatibility of D*/E* Dish/LNB

    A dish 300 or 500 (single or dual LNB) (with the appropriate STB) will work with D* as is, you'd want to aim for D*'s 101.
  22. damaged

    DirecTV Price Increase Effective 2/27/08

    Bummer, looks like I might have to downgrade myself, issue is, I am on a package that does not exist anymore, so I'm not sure how I'm gonna work this.
  23. damaged

    New Neighbors are pr0n addicts...

    In order for you to see the porn, you had to look into their window, that makes you a peeping tom in my book, and in my book a porn lover is a might better than a peeping tom.