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    HR2x / HR34 External Hard Drive FYI/Support (eSATA)

    I had the same problem. I switch eSata cables to one that is used in the My DVR hard drive and it worked perfectly. Very strange.
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    Ten more HD channels by end of '06?

    I believe OutdoorChannel2 is ONLY offered in HD. The OutdoorChannel is an SD only version, however they have moved a lot of the shows I like to the second HD channel for some reason, like ATv TV ATV Sport PWC TV and a couple of others. I really miss those shows. Anyway, I hope Dish adds some...
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    Ten more HD channels by end of '06?

    Didn't Charlie mention E* would be launching 10 more HD channels by the endo fo the year on a Charlie Chat? This was after FOOD, HGTV were launched. What is going on with the HD content (i.e. Cinemax, Inhd, FSN). Any clue. D* offers 1 more local channel in my area than E* which is goo dto...
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    Slingbox Pro Phones

    I use sprint with a ppc-6700
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    HDTV: DIRECTV Finally Gets the Picture

    I am a Dishnetwork subscriber for my main channels and use Direct just for NFL Ticket. This season they upgraded me for free and gave me an H20 and a five LNB Dish (just had to committ to 2 more years of NFL Ticket). I thought is was my imagination at first, but it is not...the HD looks better...
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    What is the FSN HD holdup?

    A more likely scenerio would be to get people's hopes up about INHD and FSHD by uplinking them.....just to attract more subs. Just a bad thought I hope.
  7. K

    Cinemax & TMC HD

    I'm legacy too. Dish needs to add the Outdoor Channel 2 HD, the best ATV and personal watercraft shows have migrated from the original outdoor channels to the new HD channel. Wish they would bring back the VOOM movieplex and Cinemax HD as wells as TMC HD.
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    Question on a 5th

    Dish will only let you lease four receivers...I have five TVs but I own 2 622's, lease 1 622 and lease 1 625. Hope that helps.
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    Will INHD be available in the Bronze package?

    If you go to the InHD website you can see the programming on both InHD1 and InHD2...It looks like all the good stuff including the IMAX presentation which are awesome are on InHD2 and not InHD1. I did not really care for the lineup these past two weeks on InHD2. Maybe this will change...
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    VOOM Programming NOT Impressive

    I really wish they would bring back the VOOM movie theme channels like Haha Documentary Vice Gunslingers I thought having the 10 movie multiplex was a great idea...there was always a movie on that you could watch...I would settle for GuyTV which was a combination of the channels like...
  11. K

    INHD vs INHD2

    Because we are supposed to be getting INHD and not INHD2. I think it would be a better choice for E* to offer both INHD and INHD2.
  12. K

    INHD vs INHD2

    I just looked at cox in my neighborhood and only INHD2 says only for cable. I also received my weekly programming guide for INHD1 & INHD2 (a leftover from my cable days). All of the good programming, concerts and IMAX shows were on INHD2 not INHD1. INHD1 had two movies that were interesting...
  13. K

    New Hd Football Games

    I have D* for the NFL Ticket only. I was going to subscribe to the sports pack to get HD FOX Sports Arizona. However, FOX Sports Networks only broadcasts on two D* channels. After looking into this, I would only get the Diamondback games in HD on every other Friday night....D* doesnot have...
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    Dish and Fox SW HD

    You can get that as an add on sports package All the Fox Sport Channels. If this is your only package then it is 12.95.
  15. K

    August - the Month of new HD?????

    I don't know is this is still available, but I have had NFL Ticket on D* Since '97. I don't have any of thier choice packages. I might be grandfatherd in. I have E* for Everything and D* for the additional two Phoenix locals they provide (CH 3. for football and baseball and the HD Fox Sport...
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    Merge coming soon?

    I live in AZ and think a merger would be good. As an E* sub I could consildate my second D* receiver for NFL Ticket HD, two additional HD locals, ones which play the Diamondbacks, also FOX Sprots AZ would be in HD, D* would bring a lot of sports to the otherwise movie centric E*. D* of course...
  17. K

    Dish is offering me a 622 for free if I turn over my 942

    make that at least two. i received a call from dish. $199.00 to lease a 622 and a $199.00 credit when i return my 942.
  18. K

    your thoughts on pocketdish av500e

    I travel a lot by plane (every week) so i got a 402E and it was great, but the pic was small. My wife just got me the 500 and I love it. So it does not play games, but the pic quality is great and it is still portable. I just wish they would upgrade the hard drive sized. There is no reason for a...
  19. K

    Coming To DISH: Starz Comedy

    Would be nice if they added all of the Cinemax Channels. DIsh has 5 of 11 or 12 Cinemax Channels.
  20. K

    EchoStar Pursues a Strategy Shift

    I wonder if Dish is picking up the Lockhead Martin contracts that VOOM had in place to launch multiple satellites?
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    Which HD Cinema Movies have you seen?Would you like to post your review of the movie?

    What a difference of opinions. Most people I know thought this movie even back when it was not in HD, was one of the most intense movies they have ever seen. I think the heart-beat at the begining is awesome and really sets the tone of the movie.
  22. K

    So where is the GuyTV movie content now?

    It doesn't seem like brain surgery...I never liked World Cinema because of the closed captioning...however they have the programming already, so why not do away with KUNG FU and replace it Guy TV which would include King Fu, Vice, Gunslingers..etcc. I would also like to see Majestic come back...
  23. K

    Okay, now how much should I expect to pay monthly for HD?

    I have Platinum with locals (because I can't get a PG guide without subscirbing to locals) + (2) 622's, (1) 942 and (1) 625. My bill is $123.00/month.
  24. K

    DirecTV -- utter garbage (plea for help)

    I live in N. Scottsdale and COX locals always sucked. I am using an HD antenna for the olympics as I hve E*. The broadcast is of very poor quality. It may not be D*'s fault at all.
  25. K

    Guy TV

    Does anyone know where VOOM will air the programs that were on the Guy TV Channel. I thought they might put them on FilmFest, but that does not seem to be the case. FamilyHD maybe? I could not imagine they would not want to show movies already converted for Vice, Gunslingers etc...