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    DISH Network Brings Local Channels to Youngstown, Ohio and Amarillo, Texas

    That's compelling to hear/read. It has the WOW factor
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    Help please – Dish 4900 receiver

    Trial and error??? You only connect the cable once so your repeatedly disconnecting and reconnecting the cables for nothing, your not gonna find a short that way, especially it causing the recvr to shut off. A short in the satellite cable from the dish to the recvr will not cause the recvr shut...
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    Help please – Dish 4900 receiver

    Yeah, hook up a satellite signal meter and see if the LNB pulls in signal.. As far as the recvr not turning on, it should as long as its plugged in. The LNB actually gets its power from the recvr. So more than likely, the recvr is the problem...if it wont turn on, or stay on...its dead. -Freya1
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    TV Guide Channel Launches On DISH Network

    The channel brings back memories of that S**** service, oh what was it called, oh yeah, cable!
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    Got 267

    Did They stay locked after you re-entered them, Are they able to lock on steady so they can be watched again? I dont know if I want the next SW update anymore. The 811 seems to get more messed up w/ each SW upgrade than it actually does get fixed.
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    Which Satellite Discussion Website do you prefer?

    Just a fun poll Witch satellite discussion site do you prefer? Witch site do you find more enjoyable and informative. What site do more frequently visit? SatelliteGuys or DBSTalk?
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    Got 267

    My 811 took the 267 download last nite. After reading reveiws of 267, it appears that it wasnt much of an upgrade. However, now my OTA-NBC Channel(along with my OTA-PBS) does not lock. Gets stuck at 49%. WTF, it seems their "software" upgrades are actually downgrades. 267 made my OTA reception...
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    3x4 switch installation on dish

    First off, what switch are you using to support 4 sats? The only switch out there( and its not even avail yet) is the DPP4x4 switch. What kind of dish are you using to get all of these sats w/ dual LNB's? What exactly are you trying to say by all the splitting you want to do? -Freya1
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    HDNET/Reagan funeral

    Just goes to show, anything in HD is wonderful to watch, even a funeral looks good!
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    Problem w/DP TWin getting hot

    QUOTE:Now talking about a specific problem one model of Dish Pro Twin LNB's has because of heat. Its isolated to one model number. I guess the LNB works sometimes but when it gets hot its starts acting flakey. Anymore info on a "model #" or Certain serial # maybe. Or just any other info...
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    Hdtv Dish Network Costs Help!!!!!

    No, not at all, 5 channels for 9.95
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    Recommended way to waterproof connectors?

    Buy some outdoor F-81 connectors. They have a rubber O-Ring on the inside. Screw it on, give it a little nudge of a 7/16 wrench and that sould seal it up. Becareful not to over tighten, you can break the connector. Check your local retailer for these. -Freya1
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    PQ with dish-supplied component cables

    Dont buy-into Monsters gimmicks. There are other specialty cable manufacturers out there that use quality(caliber) materials that Monster claimes to use to produce a good interconnect, and they cost about half as much. -Freya1
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    PQ with dish-supplied component cables

    ....and expensive. -Freya1
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    PQ with dish-supplied component cables

    I Hear Monster Cables are good....
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    Embarrassing question

    Are those channels even in your favorite list that is cuurently selected. In other words, go to ALL CHAN and try selecting(up/down) those channels, see what happens -Freya1
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    DISH Network Adds TNT to its High-Definition Package; Programming to Include NBA, Mov

    Yeah dude, keep the newz coming. TNT-HD tonight? Sirius on Wednesday!, Are things on the upswing for Echostar??? -Freya1
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    DISH Network Adds TNT to its High-Definition Package; Programming to Include NBA, Mov

    So its official? Does anyone see it on 9420 yet?
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    Hypothetical Question! used 3900 still has programming

    Ok, I have heard of people ordering the "Everything Pack, keeping that for a month, and then disconnecting at least 1 recvr or 2, whatever, then call and downgrade their service. The point is they keep 1 recvr connected, and that recvr actually takes the downgrade, but the disconnected recvr(s)...
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    119 problems

    You should be able to lock on to the 119. If the recvr doesnt lock, try another recvr. If it can lock, your recvr might be bad. I have heard of instances were recvrs have a difficult time locking on to certain satellites. More so, on older recvrs. I would start by trying a different recvr to see...
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    Searching for Signal Message Help

    If you can, run a Temporary line from the Dish/LNB to your recvr, that'll give you the answer. If it works, then you know your line is bad. -Freya1
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    Searching for Signal Message Help

    When were you installed? Did a retailer come out and do the install? If it was a recent install, the chances of an LNB going bad this soon are slim, if its been awhile since the install, your LNB may be bad. If you feel inclined enough to take on the challenge of re-aiming a dish give er a try...