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  1. J

    Lafayette, IN gets new locals?

    Lafayette is far from us Benders
  2. J

    Node laying on ground

    Looks good now!!
  3. J

    Going for 2nd interview and need advice

    That's because Brian you have a awesome FSM
  4. J

    Going for 2nd interview and need advice

    I actually enjoy the job. Does it have downfalls.. Yes it does but last I checked so does every job. I enjoy the traveling and meeting new people. Just answer the question truthfully and have energy. Good luck
  5. J

    Tuner 3 loses signal on some channels

    I would take the 44 switch out. You have no uae for it
  6. J

    Average signal levels

    in case the want to upgrade to hd the 129 is already there
  7. J

    issues with 2 Hopper set up

    yes both are running 240. I am a employee and we get software first. I have found out I get more answers here than at work. Plus its likely to have other guys with the same problem
  8. J

    issues with 2 Hopper set up

    already did they took a report this morning
  9. J

    issues with 2 Hopper set up

    So I have 2 Hoppers no Joey's and when I watch a program from the other Hopper every few minutes it goes black for 30 seconds or so. Does anybody else have that problem? I am running s240 software. It started when I got the new software.
  10. J

    Signal Loss on tuner 3

    you need 3 g cable that is why the 3rd tuner doesn't work. You will have to beg for a free service call
  11. J

    1 hopper only

    just ordered my 2nd Hopper last week and they still need a joey to a Hopper. I had to deactivate the 2 Joey's and now I have 2 Hoppers and no Joey's.
  12. J

    2nd hopper instead of 2 joeys

    I now have 2 Hoppers and no Joey's. Now my kids can record all they want andcit wont interfere with my recordings
  13. J

    Remote controls

    Dish has a basic remote foe this reason. I believe it's $20 . It has bigger buttons and less buttons to cause problems
  14. J

    How long with Dish?

    2004 then canceled a year in got it in my wifes name in 2006-08 started working for Dish in 08 so canceled in my wifes name and put in my name so I could get my employee benefit.
  15. J

    New House Construction

    make sure the cable is rated to 3 ghz and have the drop the cables to a center location.
  16. J

    So how many of you guys plan to boycott CBS on Sunday?...

    that would be UnAmerican to boycott the Superbowl
  17. J

    dying 722 -- will DISH replace with a 722K & the OTA tuner module (for FREE)?

    Most offices don't carry the ota Mod, you'll have to buy one. You could try to have the csr agent send you one but I doubt they will.
  18. J

    More Transponders shutoff on the 61.5?

    Does anybody know for sure if that happened overnight? I know the 29th was shutoff awhile ago but now I have no signal on the 31st. I have had other tech call about. Side note I am not working now waiting on a torn Achilles to heal.
  19. J

    Upgrade to 922?

    if I didn't have 2 HD tvs I would still have my 922!
  20. J

    New PTAT issue?

    if you don't have a problem on the other big 4 then it's your local NBC. With PTAT all 4 channels come on the same satellite and transponder.
  21. J

    Are these boots OK for installers?

    don't get steel toe boots! ! They get super cold in the winter. Make sure they are waterproof as well. The biggest tging to remember is you will in these boots up 15 hours a day. So make sure they are comfortable, waterproof and light
  22. J

    Are these boots OK for installers?

    yes new uniforms are coming soon