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  1. Cband55

    any S2 dual tuner boxes out there?

    I would liuke to update my sonicview 360 dual tuner for S2 ones can anyone recomend one thanks
  2. Cband55

    PVR FTA STBs for HD OTA recording

    I have just tested the NFusion HD with that I have the Sonicview 8000 HD and the Pansat 9200 HD Im just looking for a box that records OTA HD to a USB device thumb drice or hard drive how can the money grubbing people from Tivo like to have 15 a month or 500 a lifetime Nfusion HD $199...
  3. Cband55

    Is there a Gizmo to fix power suplies without replacing parts?

    I took the Pansat 9200 for repair, with the same Not powering on problem. but before going to the shop I marked all the capacitors and transformer with a black marker, I took it yesterday evening and they called to said it was ready at noon today, I asked what was the problem and they said the...
  4. Cband55

    Is there a way to make Satellite Meters work with Cband signals

    I mean those cheap signal meters that work great with KU, but on a 1.8 prime focus Cband they show strong signal all the time. Manually aiming a 1.8 dish is sometime very frustrating.
  5. Cband55

    REVIEW: Norsat 3220 PLL C-Band LNB

    Forgot to say that the 8115 is made in Korea and the 3220 is made in Japan, that could better. Mine was $220 new on ebay
  6. Cband55

    REVIEW: Norsat 3220 PLL C-Band LNB

    Got a Norsat 3220 and is twice the price as the Norsat 8115, and is smaller and is tem rated at 20 deg instead of the 17 deg of the 8115 but is much better than the 8115 I asked about on forums and was told that there was no difference WRONG the best benchmark test are the weak Univision...
  7. Cband55

    Any Engineers? can a H-H Actuator be built out of Grainger parts?

    I would apreciate that a lot, because thos thing are not sold or are very hard to come by
  8. Cband55

    Any Engineers? can a H-H Actuator be built out of Grainger parts?

    For the Big Dish has anyone ever built one, I know H-H fo the big dish where discontinued decades ago, and buying a motorized actuator that is decades old would not be smart. I have a Grainger store in my city, hope someone out there has built one. I want one because its nerve racking when...
  9. Cband55

    How about a Spanish Corner forum or Spanish Channel forum

    I dont want to be a segregationist but I would like a Spanish Language Section or Spanish Channel Section other forums have it. Like I would love to discuss having people call to replace Telefutura HD for Mundo Fox HD on Dish, but I remember how I was flamed for discussing Estrella TV on the...
  10. Cband55

    Laptop Fans for our STBs

    Does anyone use those flat laptop fans to cool down STBs? do they work ? its getting pretty hot outside its 105* F and my Pansat 9200 and Sonicview 8000 burn when touched even when turner off (not powered off)
  11. Cband55

    No Muppets on DishNetwork PPV?

    Is it because of the girly fight between charlie and Mickey or it wasnt available on PPV anywhere?
  12. Cband55

    are Tivo/DishNetwok preventing this reciever from being sold in NA?

    an 80 buck OTA digital PVR Digital TV Tuner DVB-T PVR Box Receiver USB HDMI 808 | eBay the item above does not to work with ATSC only DVB-T and is for Europe. Can someone tell me why a reciever like this is not available anywhere in North America if not for consipracy theory that Dish Network...
  13. Cband55

    Urgent can Satellite R6 cable interfere with internet cable?

    Some cable co tech said I may have interference because the internet cable is entering along with 6 other satellite cables to my room, I call BS becasue I got reduced Upload speed after a snow fall back in november, and before that the Internet cable and the 6 other satelite cables where...
  14. Cband55

    Dish Network caught lying in advertisement

    This post is about EstrellaTV if you don’t like it please move on to other posts Do not flame Thank you Dish Network is showing the Estrella TV logo on the Flex TV dish Latino TV ad But they dont have Estrella TV on their Dish Latino line up So Dish Network if you don’t want your pants to be...
  15. Cband55

    Is the word "hell" allowed in the forum

    I was watching Marta the Talking dog a PBS cartoon for kids, and the dog said about if she would appear in color on TV and she said "How the hell should I know Im color blind" I have been censored for using the word hell in the forum. So is a word used on a Kids show not allowed in the forum...
  16. Cband55

    Where the (INFERNO) is IFC HD

    Indy spirit award are on and no HD, or its there and I havent scanned it? Its up there on Galaxy 15 but no Dish
  17. Cband55

    Blockbuster To Close More Stores

    I remember when a lot of mom and pop video stores closed because of Blockbuster; Dish, directv, redbox, cable cos, are all intermediaries, the future is direct pay content from the internet to TV in 10 years all of the above will not exist.
  18. Cband55

    WOW I got a reply from Dish even thou I didnt ask them anything !!!

    On twitter they are very good listening and replying on @dish_answers ChavitoDotado @ @GABYRAMIREZTV @Estudio2 Hola pues ya no te puedo ver porque cerraron la señal de satelite de EstrellaTv y no estan en Dishnetwork o directv and got this reply by dish answers even thoug I didnt...
  19. Cband55

    Can someone make the case for the NFL network in the offseason

    Watching the packers game they show the NFL network commercial and they have Michael Irving saying something like you have to pass not just run. There is nothing more brain damaging than hearing the same analysis hundreds of times. Why should we have to pay a lot of money for this network in...
  20. Cband55

    WWE Network

    I demand that Charlie have a Channel placeholder with the WWE NETWORK RIGHT NOW!!! ENOUGH SAID!!! WWE Network Channel - New Official Promo 2012 (Raw 12/5/11) HD "Cinema" - YouTube OR EVERYONE WILL RISE HELL
  21. Cband55

    Setting Disecq on a Dreambox800

    Hello cant even do a 4x1 diseqc I put this G16 Fixed Cband LNB: LNB 1 Priority: Auto LOF: CBAND Voltage: Polarisation Increased voltage: no Tone mode: Band Diseqc mode: 1.1 Toneburst: none Committed Diseqc command: None Fast Diseqc: no Sequence: no Command order: comm., Uncomm., toneburst...
  22. Cband55

    Setting Disecq on a Dreambox800

    You would think its very easy but Im having a lot of truoble setting it upI only get 1 of 4 ports it has a lot of settings and the simple way of abcd does not work, I would also love to conect a 6 port DMI international see picture Is there anothe Dreambox 800 owner
  23. Cband55

    Dish HD vs Disney (DISH sort of won...)

    Question why do Walmart Directv Dish Network etc think they can control prices? What suppliers produce costs money, and it should be up to the market to set a price.
  24. Cband55

    How often should you lube your Jack

    I accidentally chose G6 instead of G4 on the 4DTV and and I think the Actuator jack got stuck when it got to G6, I had to go up there and put some WD40 and slowly move it west. In 13 years I never lubricated the actuator but that problem may be think I should more often.
  25. Cband55

    Was there ever a solution to the Searching for Authorized Content error msg?

    I have read a lot of threads and read endless posts about the subject with no solution. As not to open another endless thread if anyone knows the solution please post But if you don’t know the solution, please don’t get offended and don’t post as not to waste someone else’s time that is...