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Mar 14, 2021
Morning to all in this forum and thanks for the support all these years.

I live in the Caribbean in barbados to be precise and I have noticed something strange that I have picked up on with myself and my few satellite friends that still use our buds.

Satellite 101w has a transponder 4060 H 30000 what I have noticed among us is that only the guys that are using a lnbf is getting that transponder the ones that are using the feedforn and dual lnbs are not getting that transponder not to mention that we all are using different feedhorns and lnbs of different brands but some of us already change to a lnbf to get it and others still fighting for weeks not with the feedhorn lnbs situation and it still not happening.

What I must say is that the old transponder before the 4060 H 30000 either lnbf or feedhorns with lnbs did the job no problems at all.
So I just say I'll run it by you guys to see if anyone else any other part of the world has noticed the same problem we are experiencing here in barbados.
Some time ago I lost Decades, MeTV, Movies, etc. on 101. Others were having problems too. I ended up moving the entire feedhorn closer to the dish than what the manual and calculations said and have not had any problems since. I’m using an LNB.
MGM+ is available on Amazon Prime Video's channels and has better audio/visual quality than the linear versions on C-band anyway. I'd recommend just sourcing the Amazon versions instead.
Well thanks for the feedback so far and thanks clucas for letting me know you're using a lnb and not a lnbf which brand lnb are you using clucas?

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