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If you've kept track of my posts, I've recently installed my BUD. I was able to go from 91w-105w (looks like some branches are blocking my view closer to my true south). It looks like I've got this thing tracking the ARC pretty well, but I haven't had time to check. Once I got NASA scanned in on 105w with 87% signal quality, I tried to get my DSR-920 to get a DC2 lock to check its functionality, but couldn't get a DC light. I switched back to 91w and had no trouble picking up JCTV and getting the magic DC light to come on. I wasn't paying close enough attention to notice whether the DC light comes on before or after you find a channel that is ITC.

Anyway, I'd like to verify that I can pick up stuff on 105W (even if it just tells me that I'm not auth'd for a channel) before I consider any H2H subscription. Any pointers on getting the DC light to come on when I'm pointed at 105w?

Also, when I do options 6-4-4, and try to tune X4, I'm getting 0 signal, 0 quality, whereas on 91w (GB), I'm getting 65 signal 30 quality. Do I need to work on skewing my LNB or something?
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